November 25th, 2008


Marvel NextGen RPG

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We all know the stories.

A dream that began with five teenagers who protected a world that hated and feared them. An amazing young man learned the heavy price that great power came great responsibility. A fantastic quartet raced for the stars and changed with them. Heroes came to face a challenge that no single soul could answer.

They would save the world, their city, their friends.

And the stories continued. The heroes had families, and children were born with the miracles or blessings of their parents.

The old generation begins to rest on its laurels and the new is picking up the torch.

Welcome to - Marvel: Next Generation

Format: LJ Journal RPG / AIM enhanced
Genre: Marvel
Contact: Stacy - ColNicholasFury / Mal - KarmasChild / Marie - dazzlethemnow
Rating: Mature
Deadline: Open Ended
Needed characters:
Villains, Minions, Parents, Adult Avengers, Adult X-Men.

Psst. We allow OCs

Current year: 2008
Timeline started in: 1988

Contact all three mods HERE.