June 22nd, 2008

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 Hello Marvel fans,
I joined this community hoping that someone might be able to help me.
I'm not a Marvel fan (please don't throw things at me) but am in possession of a comic book that I was told is somewhat rare. Back in 1995, a classmate of mine gave me a gift. It was his copy of a Fantastic Four comic mag autographed by....the author? It's packaged in plastic with a piece of cardboard inside it to keep its shape. I believe it's issue #238? Looks like it has a date of January on it, but no year. It says 60 cents on it. or 20 pounds in the UK? 

Can someone tell me  if this is worth anything? Should I keep it or toss it...?

Thanks in advance.

 Edited to add: I just spotted a year on it. In tiny print, it says 1981.

Edited again to add: It may be something, or it may not, but the print on it says "Honest! Doctor Doom is not in this Marvel Comic! But you will find out the startling truth of Frankie Raye, plus a dramatic development in the life of the THING!"
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