June 3rd, 2008


FF: World's Greatest Heroes - Episode 4: Hard Knocks

The Fantastic Four throw down with the incredible Hulk when Dr. Burce Banner looks to Reed Richards for help.

To the best of my reckoning, this particular Fantastic Four series was on the Cartoon Network somewhere in the last 2 years. Not sure as I stumbled across it by accident back then and I wasn't sure when it started up. Still, I'd've thought fans of the FF would've at least been aware of it...but someone in my F4 comm didn't so I went digging around.

Seeing as I'm trying to kick stuff up in my Hulk comm too, this seemed like a good choice.

Estimated running time: 22 minutes

I've always suspected Johnny having a mullet was a key factor in why this series didn't last.
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