April 11th, 2008

mutant mayhem

Bit of a flashback

10:02 PM 4/9/08 · There's been some curiosity about how far back the Secret Invasion was actually planned. Was it as far back as the Kree/Skrull War or sometime a little closer to now. So, I'm running every Skrull situation, that didn't directly involve the Super Skrull, through my head and so far I've only really come up with one significant piece.

There was a stretch back when the X·Men got stuck in the past and in order to get back to where they needed to they had to go into suspended animation; this was during Marrow's time on the team. When they woke up they weren't exactly where they intended to be, probably not the correct time either, but they were surrounded by a lot of familiar faces. At first this seemed pretty cool...

...until they realized that the various heroes and villains around them were Skrulls. Not just Skrulls in diguise but ones possessing the various powers of the people whose shapes they were holding.

While they tried to get through this situation, I vaguely recall Galactus being involved in this, Wolverine had to fight his way through swarms of these guys...including himself. Once again, very cool to see him in the brown suit (ganked it off his double which may also give a sense what timeframe this was) and I gotta say that seeing Wolverine go toe to toe with Spidey's rogues (kinda sorta maybe...ish) was really cool!

Does anybody else remember more of these details than I am just now?
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