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Marauding Days ...

A mwp&p rpg

Hogwarts ... 70s style!
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This beautiful banner was made bypeter_wormtail. Thank you! You rock. :P

About: The Marauders’ 6th year (and onwards) at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Most students are taking part in a muggle studies project to keep an online diary on a ‘Computer’ (a muggle invention) to create inter house relationship, as quoted by Professor Dumbledore. In their diaries, the students write about their daily lives. How they are forced to take part in a marriage project … how they are forced to live underground in hiding from Lord Voldermort, who is in full power.

To Join

To join, simply send me an e-mail (xexy_Ladii@yahoo.co.uk) stating your desired character/s name/age/house/year and any other information you think I should know of. If it’s an original character (an OC), please add an appearance/personality description. Before applying, please make sure you have a journal at the ready and that your character is active to play (see below).

Community Rules

1.) Please create a character journal for this community only. It gets highly confusing otherwise.

2.) Please read this post for details on posting and other stuff.

3.) You must have AIM to join. How else are you supposed to rp? When posting chats you’ve had, post them in this journal under a cut tag. Slash is permitted, but please clearly label any slash smut/fluff chats. As well as any other smut rps.

4.) Please do not WrItE lIkE tHis and do not use internet slang. (eg. u instead of you) And please ensure that your spelling is up to scratch, a few mistakes here and there do not matter but please, not in every sentence.

Taken Characters

Sirius Black - _sirius_black
Brenna Devlin - brenna_devlin
Professor Dumbledore - hm_a_dumbledore
Lily Evans - lily_evans__
Arabella Figg - _arabella_
Davy Gudgeon - davy_gudgeon
Gilderoy Lockhart - gildy_lockhart
Remus Lupin - _remus_
Walden Macnair - macnair
Lucius Malfoy - master_malfoy
Professor McGonagall - m_mcgonagall_
Narcissa - blonde_narcissa
Thomas Nott - thomas_nott
Peter Pettigrew - peter_wormtail
James Potter - potterjames
Evan Rosier - evan_rosier
Strella Sinistra - strellasinistra
Severus Snape - brewedglory
Delanna Sophocleus - lanaoceanid
Professor Trelawney - trelawney_prof

A marriage project, muggle work experiance, a ball and other cool stuff coming soon!

* Community maintained by lily_evans__
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