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RP log

Sunday night, the 15th of June, 1977

Remus: With one last grin and wave to Bella, I close the door and turn to Sirius, a predatory look in my eyes. I move quickly back to the bed (less time to fall down then) and bounce up beside him. "Do *you* remember the question?"

Sirius: My breath catches in my throat at the look in your eyes, but I try to appear calm and cool and casual... which is difficult when one is drunk and confronted with the look that you have in your eyes at the moment. "I do," I say, my voice hoarser than it was when Bella was still here. "It was quite a good question, if I recall correctly."

Remus: I am just loving this carefree feeling I'm feeling right now. It's brilllliant. "What was the question?" I ask as I move closer to you, as close as I can get to you and I wrap my arms around you. My lips trail along your jaw as I await your reply. My *god* I've missed you this weekend.

Sirius: I shiver when you trail your lips along my jaw, and I slide my arms around you, holding you tightly. I don't want to let go, because I'm suddenly afraid that if I do, you'll pull away and remember you're supposed to hate me right now. "Mmm," I murmur, my eyes closing, "my question was.... can I kiss you all over?"

Remus: "Mmm, that *was* a good question." Your skin tastes nice. All sweet and...nice. I'm liking this. A lot. Your arms are around me and I can feel how tightly you're holding me and that's just so damn good right now. I can't remember exactly why, but I know that it's good to feel wanted again. And needed. I press another kiss to your jaw and pull back slightly to smile at you. "And the answer was yes, wasn't it?" I'm proud to remember that bit.

Sirius: I swallow heavily and nod once as I open my eyes to gaze at you. "You did say yes," I say quietly, though a small feeling of my earlier guilt is seeping through me. I try my best to push it away, so I can enjoy the light-hearted feelings the alcohol gave me. "Is that what you'd like me to do?" I ask, as I lean up to press a kiss to the corner of your mouth.

Remus: I nod and press my lips to yours, deepening the kiss for the first time this weekend with a little moan. I allow my tongue to play with yours for a moment, revelling in the heady feeling of the kiss combined with the alcohol. "I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't mean it," I eventually break the kiss to reply, giving you a cheeky grin. "Is that what you'd like to do?"

Sirius: "God, Remus," I say, my eyes tracing over your features. "That's exactly what I'd like to do." I lean closer and kiss you again, parting my lips slowly after a long moment. At first all I wanted to do was push you down and taste you, all of you, but now I want to make things special, make things go slowly so that *you* enjoy this as much as you can. I've hurt you enough.... I close my eyes for a moment and mentally shake myself, then open my eyes again to gaze at you, my expression soft. "I love you," I murmur, feeling a little nervous suddenly... nervous that maybe you'll realise that this is a mistake, and that you don't love me back.

Remus: I'm perfectly content to let you set the pace and do what you like. I've settled into a nice warm haze and I like it. Your kiss is so gentle, and so perfect, I move closer against you, tightening my arms around you. I grin happily at your declaration. "I love you too. And I *love* kissing you." And to prove it (as if it *needs* to be proven), I press my mouth back against yours, kissing you slowly and deeply.

Sirius: I moan quietly into your mouth as I kiss you back, stroking your tongue gently with my own, taking my time as I thoroughly explore your mouth. I shift a little and hold you securely as I roll you over, so that you're on your back, and I'm straddling your legs, and I kiss you again, deeply. I slide my hands slowly over your chest, over the fabric of your shirt, and lean closer so I can kiss you more thoroughly, my pulse quickening at how close I am to you.

Remus: I slide my hands up into your hair as I kiss you back, loving the way you feel straddling me like that. I moan into your mouth as your hands run over my chest. This feels unbelievably good and I don't want it to ever stop. Feelings far more intense than anything I've ever felt before, even that day we...did something, are flooding through me. Maybe it's because we've both admitted we love each other or maybe it's the alcohol or maybe I should stop thinking about this and concentrate on the way your tongue feels when pressed against mine. Mmm, that's good.

Sirius: I make a small noise in the back of my throat when you slide your hands into my hair, and I press myself closer, my mouth moving eagerly over yours. I slide my hands back down your chest and gently tug your shirt from the waistband of your trousers, so that I can slip my hands underneath and I slowly move my hands over your bare skin, delighting in the feel of it beneath my palms, and in the warmth you seem to be giving off. After a long moment I move one hand from under your the fabric and move it up so that I can slowly begin to undo the buttons on your shirt.

Remus: "Oh god," I break the kiss to moan breathlessly against your mouth. "That feels soooo goood." My tongue darts out to lick your lips and I kiss you again, uncaring of anything other than what makes both you and I feel good right now. One arm moves around your shoulders, tugging you closer as you get my shirt open. Damn, I should have thought this through better, I want to feel your skin against mine but your shirt is still on and all buttoned up. With a little noise of discontent, I unwrap my arms from around you and reach for your shirt, unbuttoning it as quickly as possible, which really isn't all that fast considering how small the buttons are and how big my fingers feel right now.

Sirius: I shiver when you lick my lips, and I kiss you back thoroughly, wanting to taste more of you. My fingers open the last button on your shirt and I push it open, so that I can slide my hands fully over your bare chest. "God, Remus," I murmur. "So beautiful." I moan quietly as I slide my hands up to your shoulders, so that I can push your shirt off more, and touch more of you. It feels incredible to be able to finally touch you like this, and my body is reacting accordingly... you're all I can think about now, and all I want to think about.

Remus: "Mmmm," I moan as your hands slide over my chest and I beam up at you when you say I'm beautiful. You always make me feel so special. I love you. "Aha." I grin up at you when I finally get all your buttons undone and push your shirt open. I've already seen you without a shirt before of course, but you always take my breath away. I push the shirt down over your shoulders as much as possible, wanting to feel you next to me as soon as possible. I help you shrug the shirt off and tug you down against me, moaning softly as your bare chest rubs against mine. "You feel so good."

Sirius: I close my eyes as my bare chest rubs against yours, and I groan quietly, my eyes closing. I slide one hand over your side and up into your hair, as I lean closer and press my lips to your neck. I kiss a slow trail down your throat, and dart my tongue out with each kiss to taste your skin. "Oh god, Remus, I want you so badly," I murmur, without really realising that I've said it out loud. I kiss down to your collarbone then pause, and open my eyes to gaze at you. "Can I take your shirt off?" I murmur, suddenly becoming aware that the last time I asked you that, you said no.

Remus: I shiver as your mouth trails over my skin, loving the way your tongue is flicking out to taste me. "Mmm, want you too," I murmur in reply, not really aware of what I'm saying, just concentrating on your lips, your mouth, your hands, you, you, you. "Mmm, yes. Take it off. Take it all off." Clearly the part of my brain with the inhibitions is taking a night off. But I'm barely aware of what I'm saying, it's more fun to concentrate on what *you're* saying cause you say such nice things. My hands are busy gliding over your skin, up your sides and over your chest, exploring and touching and damn but this is fun! We should have done this years ago!

Sirius: My eyes widen considerably at your words, and I can feel my body reacting *immediately*. Oh god. I moan again as your hands glide over my skin, your touch leaving trails of fire over my chest, and I can barely think at this point. I push your shirt off your shoulders then slip one hand beneath the small of your back, helping to support you as I ease your shirt off you. I toss the shirt aside and lean down again, and I press my lips to your collarbone again. I kiss slowly down your chest and pause when I reach your nipple. I glance up at you then dart my tongue out to lick slowly at your nipple, my hand moving gently over your side, my fingers trailing over your skin. I close my mouth around your nipple and suck gently on it, my eyes closing as I try to make you feel as good as just being here with you now is making me feel.

Remus: I know there's a reason I didn't let you take my shirt off last time. And I know it was a good one. Hmm. I frown slightly as I move to help you get rid of my shirt, touched by the care you're taking, and eventually shrug off that feeling I'm missing something in favour of that incredible feeling of your lips on my chest. Oh *god*. My hands are on your back, fingers trailing up and down your skin but they pause when you lick my nipple. My eyes widening at the delicious sensation and as your mouth seals around it and begins sucking, I gasp aloud, utterly in love with this incredible feeling of desire bubbling away in my stomach. "Oh, *wow*, Sirius," I murmur breathlessly, my fingers beginning to move again, softly stroking your back up to your neck to toy with your hair.

Sirius: I smile against your skin then flick my tongue against your nipple teasingly. I suck gently for a few moments longer, then kiss across to the other, and give it the same, gentle treatment. I pull back when I'm satisfied, and with a small grin I blow cool air onto your moist skin, before I resume kissing down your chest. I press hot, wet kisses down over your stomach, and I dip my tongue into your navel as I reach it, my fingers still trailing over your side. "Remus," I murmur, brushing my lips against your skin, feeling dizzy with desire.

Remus: Oh, oh, *oh* this is good. I think my fingers might be clutching your hair just a bit too tightly but I can't help it, you're getting closer to my trousers and to my *achingly* hard erection and I think I might come, just from this. I take a few deep breaths (really, that mouth of yours should be illegal) and manage to control myself. It wouldn't do for this to be over too soon. I'm enjoying it far too much for that. I wonder if you've noticed how much I'm enjoying this. You probably have, because I don't think I've stopped moaning since your mouth touched my skin.

Sirius: I kiss lower on your stomach, but pause as I reach the waistband of your trousers. You certainly seem to be enjoying yourself now, but I'm afraid of pushing you, or taking advantage of the situation, even though everything inside of me is screaming out for you. I gaze up at you, forcing myself to focus and relax, and I move my hands lower so that I can flick open the button on your trousers, my eyes locked on yours the entire time. "Do you want this?" I murmur, as I reach for the zipper.

Remus: I can't stop squirming. But I don't really want to so I guess that might have something to do with it. I swallow heavily when you flick the button open and lick my lips. "Oh god, yes, I want this." I'm a little bit nervous now, but there is no way in hell I'm stopping now. We've come too far now. My hands are resting on your hips now and I squeeze gently as you pull down the zip. Too late to turn back now. Not that I want to of course, it's just a random thought among other random thoughts flitting through my head right now, like how damn gorgeous you look right now.

Sirius: I swear my heart stops when you say you want this... I almost can't believe it. I shake my head lightly (and try my best to ignore the dizziness that happens when I do that) and help to ease your trousers down, slipping my hand under your back again to support you as I pull them past your waist. I pause for a moment and move down your body so that I can slip your shoes and socks off, then I move back up and gently tug your trousers down and off of you, and drop them to the floor. I swallow heavily as I let my gaze move slowly over your chest, and I move closer, wanting this moment to last. I press my lips to your stomach again, and kiss until my mouth is right beside your boxers. I move my hands to the waistband of your boxers and pull it down a little, so I can kiss lower on your stomach. I do this a few times, each time pulling your boxers down a little further, so I can kiss a little more of your skin, darting my tongue out occasionally, to lick you teasingly.

Remus: As you move down my legs to pull my trousers down and your hips move away from my hands, I latch onto the blanket, my grip tightening slightly as I remember why I didn't want you to take off my shirt last time. My eyes widen a bit but I helpfully move so you can remove my clothing. You probably won't notice, right? I mean, why would you? It's not like it's the most interesting part of my body and from the looks of things, you've got other parts on your mind right now. I gasp as you begin kissing my stomach, loving the bursts of pleasure tingling through my skin at the touch of your lips. I swear I'm getting more turned on each with every inch of my skin you're exposing when you pull down my boxers and my knuckles must be white now, I'm clutching the blanket so tightly. Anticipation. Who knew it could be this good?

Sirius: I kiss further still, until I really have no choice but to pause. I lift my head and smile softly at you, then hook my fingers into the waistband of your boxers, and gently tug them down. My heart's pounding in my chest as I slip your boxers over your hips, and finally slide them off. I've never been this nervous before, and I've never wanted anything as much as I want you right now... even if only to press my lips to your skin once more. "Remus," I murmur, as I let my gaze move slowly over your body, drinking in the sight of you. "You really are beautiful... incredibly beautiful."

Remus: I smile back, nervously licking my lips as you pull down my boxers. It's stupid really, but I find I'm desperately hoping for your approval. Being completely naked in front of you for the first time is all at once nerve-wracking and liberating. I beam up at you at your obvious appreciation and relax a bit. "You need to be naked too." Cause really, I'm dying to see you naked and feel you naked beside me.

Sirius: I smile down at you and lean down to press my lips to your forehead for a long moment, before I pull back. I bite gently on my bottom lip as I open the button on my own trousers, and I keep my eyes locked on yours as I unzip them as well. I'm rather nervous again, but I push those feelings aside as I push my trousers down, over my hips, and lower. I kick my shoes off quickly then slide my trousers down and off completely. I quickly slip my socks off as well, then I slowly pull my boxers off, my heart pounding in my chest. I get my boxers off and I gaze at you for a moment, before I lean down and kiss you deeply, my hand sliding slowly from your thigh up to your side.

Remus: My eyes close when you press your lips to my forehead. Do you have any idea how much I love those little gestures that tell me so much about how much I mean to you? I relax more against the bed as I watch you undress but I'm still filled with a kind of nervous tense anticipation because I've been dreaming about this for so long. My breath catches in my throat at the sight of you naked beside me. "My god, you're gorgeous," I breathe, pulling you closer against me, eagerly kissing you back. I shiver slightly as your hand runs up my side and my arms tighten around you. I can't believe we're actually doing this.

Sirius: I smile against your lips and kiss you deeply, feeling nervous and excited and aroused all at once. I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you right now, and the feeling of your body against mind is making my dizzy. I kiss you for a long moment, as I try to make this experience last for as long as it possibly can, and pull away only to breathe heavily. I gaze at you hungrily, because all I can think about right now is you, and how much I want you. "Love you so much," I murmur, as I trail kisses down your throat again.

Remus: I tilt my head back to give you more room, encouraging you to keep going with little whimpers. I love how good you're making me feel right now and I hope I can make you feel just as good later, but right now, thinking appears to be optional and feeling is so much better. "Love you too," I murmur softly, running my hands up and down your back. "Love you, love your mouth, love your hands, love all of you so much." But what I love most is that you're taking control here because as much as I really want to touch you and kiss you all over, I'll feel a lot more comfortable once I know what's expected of me.

Sirius: I smile against your skin as you speak, feeling a tug on my heart at your words, and I kiss down your throat and to your chest. I teasingly lick at your skin, then kiss down to your stomach. A part of me is impatient, and wants to taste you right *now*, but the other part of me wants to make this as good for you as it possibly can be. I kiss to your lower stomach and pass right by your cock, so that I can kiss your inner thighs teasingly. I nip very gently at your skin, then lick soothingly at it with my tongue, as I move my hands down to lightly grasp your hips, holding you in place.

Remus: OH MY GOD!! You're're so feels soooooo goooood. Oh god. I'm finding it so very difficult to keep still now, my hips seem to have a mind of their own. "Sirius! Please!" I want...I, anything, you, now, just you. Soft whimpers are torn from my throat as you nip the sensitive skin of my inner thighs, getting louder as you move closer to my cock. God! Now! Please! "Siriuuuuss," I moan breathlessly. "Please. I... Just... Oh god." My fingers are digging into your scalp. It must be painful, I realise, and with a conscious effort I pull my fingers from your hair and clutch the blanket beside me. I don't think I've ever felt this hot and desperate before. And you haven't even touched my cock yet!

Sirius: I growl softly as you beg. It's beyond arousing, and I swear it's making me harder than I already am, if that's even possible... and I like teasing you. I kiss slowly up your thigh, and pause just as I reach your cock. I lift my head and grin at you, and keep eye contact with you as I lean down and slowly lick up your cock. Oh fucking *hell*. It's killing me to go this slowly, but I love the way you're writhing beneath me right now, and I want this to last. I want this to be perfect for you.

Remus: If I thought it was good before, that's NOTHING compared to how it feels when your tongue - YOUR TONGUE!! - licks my cock. My eyes are locked on yours, and I'm finding it a liiiitle difficult to breathe right now. It's a damn good thing you've got a pretty tight grip on my hips or I think I would have shot up off the bed then. "More," I finally manage to say, my voice husky with desire. All at once I hate this and I love it. It's almost TOO good, but that's impossible. It's you, it's perfect, and I NEED MORE!! "Please, Sirius. Touch me, lick me, anything, just do anything. NOW!"

Sirius: My eyes darken as you beg, and I growl again, before I lower my head and press a kiss to the tip of your cock. I just can't resist teasing you a little more. I lick slowly at the tip, then take it into my mouth, my eyes never leaving yours. I swirl my tongue around the tip then suck gently, as my hands tighten their grip on your hips. I finally close my eyes and take more of your cock into my mouth, swallowing around you as I slowly lower my head. I sink down until I've got you entirely in my mouth, then I moan around you, willing myself to go slowly.

Remus: My mouth drops open and I moan as you lick me, my head dropping back against the pillow as you suck on the tip. Never, even in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine it would be this good. Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod. I moan louder as you take more of my cock in your mouth, my mind completely melted by the sensation of being surrounded by your hot, wet mouth. I swear to god we are NEVER getting out of this bed again! I can't speak any longer, all I can do is moan and grip the blankets tightly, my hips trying desperately to break free of your grip.

Sirius: I tighten my grip on your hips, and bring my head up slowly until only the tip of your cock is in my mouth, and I suck harder on it, before I take you back in my mouth again. My fucking god, I want you so badly right now. I moan again and suck hard around you, before I begin to slowly move my head up and down. I run my tongue along the underside of your shaft and suck again, as I let one hand move from your hips to gently caress your side.

Remus: ............ completely incoherent. My moans have descended into a curious mixture of whimpers and moans and I just *can't* keep still at all. "Sooo close," I breathe. This feeling is so similar to when I wank that I know what's happening, I know what's going to happen but it feels one hundred times better and i just can't get there quick enough. I'm impatient, I know. My body is tightening, arching up against you as much as your hands will allow and with a loud moan of satisfaction, I come, hard in your mouth. After a moment, I collapse back on the bed, breathing heavily, my eyes closed. I don't think I've ever felt anything as good as that before, ever.

Sirius: Oh god, is all I can think, as you come. I swallow around you, so that i can draw out your orgasm for as long as possible, and moan around you at the incredible feeling of having you like this, feeling you like this, knowing that I was the one that caused this reaction in you. When you're done I gently lick you clean, then kiss up your stomach and chest, and press kisses to your jaw, before I lie beside you. "You taste so fucking good," I whisper, as I lean closer to lick at your earlobe. The fuzzy feeling from the alcohol and from my guilt has disappeared, and all I can feel right now is a slow, steady throb of desire for you.

Remus: I open my eyes to smile at you and wrap my arms around you, tugging you closer. "Wow," is really all I can say right now. I grin and nuzzle my face against yours. "Love you." I want to kiss you and it's still a bit of a novelty to know that I can. And I almost can't believe what you just did for me. My mouth moves eagerly against yours, loving the taste of you and me mixed together and I grin against your mouth as I realise that now I have the chance to do all the exploring I wanted to do last week but couldn't. I gently roll you over onto your back and grin down at you. "My turn now." My grin is almost a devious smirk as I lean down to kiss you again, pressing my chest down against yours as my tongue plays with yours.

Sirius: I grin back at you when you nuzzle your face against mine, and when you tell me you love me, and I kiss you back eagerly, sharing your taste with you. I stare up at you when you roll me over, grinning at the expression on your face, though inside my heart's damn near about to pound right out of my chest. "Fuck," I murmur, "Remus... want you..." I groan as you press your chest to mine, and I slip my arms around you, holding you tightly as I kiss you. I groan again as your tongue plays with mine, and I arch up against you, kissing you hungrily, unable to get enough of you.

Remus: My hands are resting lightly on your shoulders as I kiss you deeply but soon slide up your neck to cup your cheeks as I press a few brief kisses to your lips before flashing you a quick grin and then shift down your body so I can press his lips to the hollow of your throat and begin laying kisses down all over your neck. My tongue darts out to lick your skin, flicking gently over your neck. I love being able to do this to you and have you make noises like that because of *me*. Makes me want to do more... I let my hands trail down to your sides, fingers lightly dancing over your skin and after a moment, I tentatively nibble the base of your throat, wondering if that's okay or if I've hurt you.

Sirius: I make a noise of pleasure low in my throat as you kiss down over my neck, and I tighten my arms around you, sighing quietly. Your mouth feels incredible as it moves over my skin, and all I can think about is how I never want this to end. I shiver as your hands trail down my side, and I gasp when you nibble the base of my throat, letting one hand move down to your lower back. "Oh god," I murmur, as I press my hand down, so that your body is pressed closer to mine. "More..."

Remus: At that murmur of encouragement, I grin and nibble along your collarbone down to your chest. Smoothing one hand over your skin, I press hot, wet, probably sloppy, kisses down the centre of your chest. I can feel your heart beating under my mouth and I'm pleased to note it's racing. Licking your skin once, I transfer my mouth to a nipple, licking it experimentally at first, to see how it feels before mimicking you and sealing my mouth around it to suck on it. It feels really nice and the noises you're making suggest that you're enjoying it so I flick my tongue against the nub and pull back to lick it again, noting the redness of your skin. I move across to your other nipple, pausing though to press a kiss back in the centre of your chest, to feel your heart again. I wonder if yours is bursting like mine feels it is right now... Something to ponder later. Right now, I'm concentrating on trying to make you feel as good as you made me feel. My mouth latches onto your other nipple and I suck it like before, loving your reaction to what I'm doing.

Sirius: "Oh!" I breathe, my pulse quickening as your mouth licks and sucks my nipple. I slide my hands up your back and shoulders and thread them through your hair, holding you firmly. "Remus, please, more," I moan, though I love the delicious sensation of your mouth working against my skin this way. I arch my back up towards your mouth, in an effort to get closer to you, and moan again, hoping to show you just how much I'm enjoying this. I close my eyes and tilt my head back, and tighten my grip a little in your hair, my breath coming in heavy, ragged pants now.

Remus: I love it when you say my name like that. I wonder if I can get you to do it again. I press more of those wet kisses that are just so much fun to do down over your stomach, taking a moment to admire what years of Quidditch has done to your body. Gorgeous. But there's more to explore so I keep moving lower down your stomach, and drag my tongue all the way across your lower stomach and nibble on your hip bone. I'm a little bit tentative about going near your cock. I've never been this close to someone else before, but it felt SO good when you did it and I really want to make you feel that good too... I press a few random kisses across your stomach and move back a bit so I can lean down, my breath hitting your cock. I glance up at you for a moment and I can tell you really want this, so I lean further down and experimentally lick your cock just like you licked mine, base to tip. You know, that really wasn't so bad. Just like when I was kissing you in other places too. It's just skin. I don't know what I was worried about so I lick the tip of your cock, swirling my tongue around it, just like you did. It tastes a bit different there, but not bad, just.... different. In fact, I think I kind of like it.

Sirius: Oh. Fucking. God. I whimper when you nibble on my hip bone and tilt my head back more, reminding myself not to grip your hair too tightly... but fuck, this teasing is making me feel so damn hot and needy and if I don't get more I think I'm going to die. I whimper again when you move down my body and your breath hits my cock, and it's taking all the self restraint I have not to arch up to your mouth. "Oh *god*," I moan, when you finally lick my cock, and my eyes open wide. I cannot believe how good this feels... it's feels better than anything else anyone's ever done to me before. I moan again when you lick the tip of my cock and swirl your tongue around it, and I drop one hand down to the blanket so I can clench it tightly. "Please," I whisper, "Remus, please."

Remus: As you whisper, I take the head of your cock into my mouth, sucking on it a bit. This must feel quite strange to you, like nothing you've ever felt before (at least as far as I'm aware) and I don't mean that in a good way. I'm moving slowly now, trying to figure out how this works while at the same time actually doing it. It probably should be quite easy but I'm a bit uncertain and I tend to over think things when I don't know what I'm doing. Bella always tells me to switch off my brain so I should probably do that here too. Mimicking what you did is always good so I take more of you into my mouth, gagging when your cock hits the back of my throat and quickly pull away, swallowing hard. Ack, that wasn't good. That didn't happen when you did it though. But I don't want you to think I can't handle it, so I quickly lean in and lick your cock again, this time licking you all over, swirling my tongue around your shaft.

Sirius: I moan quietly when you take the head of my cock into your mouth, and my hand clenches the blanket tightly as I gasp. I open my eyes and blink when you pull away, and I resist the urge to laugh - not at you, of course. I heard the gagging noise, and from your reaction, I can guess what happened. I open my mouth to say it's okay, but all coherent thought leaves me as you begin licking my cock, and I can only groan in pleasure. "Oh," I murmur, "feels so good..." I want to encourage you, and let you know it's okay, and also let you know that that feels fucking *amazing*.

Remus: I'm comforted to hear you say it feels good but I still feel bad that I couldn't do it properly. It didn't seem that hard when you were doing it to me. But then, I was a little distracted then. I continue licking your cock for a few minutes, licking it all over and press my lips against the shaft, sucking a bit on the side before bravely venturing up to take the tip in my mouth again. I suck gently at first, and gradually suck harder. I'm a bit reluctant to try again with this but I *really* want you to feel as good as I did, so after sucking on the tip a bit longer, I move my mouth down another inch, still sucking and I swirl my tongue around the head. Should I go any further? What if it happens again? Maybe it was a one time thing? I should probably try again, just to make sure, so I move down another inch, my hands on your hips holding you still. Ever so slowly, I move further down until once again your cock hits the back of my throat and mother of god, it happens again! Damn it. I pull back again, feeling a bit upset that I can't do what you did but push that aside right now and decide to just suck on the tip and perhaps a bit more, but definitely not what I was trying to do before. I swirl my tongue around the tip and suck harder, hoping it's okay and that you don't think badly of me because of this.

Sirius: I slide my hand down from your hair to brush my fingers over your cheek, and I moan quietly as you swirl your tongue around the tip of my cock, and suck harder. "It's okay," I murmur, "this feels so good." And it does, it feels fucking incredible, and I want you to know I'm enjoying every moment of it. I moan again softly and clench the blanket with my other hand, as I feel my body tense. The teasing your doing to me is about to make me explode... literally and figuratively. "Remus, god, so close," I whisper, hoping to sound encouraging.

Remus: I'm so touched when your fingers brush over my cheek and that makes me feel a bit better, so I keep going, sucking harder on the head of your cock. I swirl my tongue around your cock again and keep going like this since I'm not all that willing to do more right now.

Sirius: I whimper as you suck the head of my cock, and I moan again when your tongue swirls around the tip of it. I close my eyes and tilt my head back, arching my back just a little to get closer to you. This really does feel incredible, and my body's *aching* right now... so tense, so fucking close. "Fuck, Remus," I murmur, "I'm-" my words are cut off as the teasing becomes too much, and your hot mouth around the head of my cock is just too good, and I move both my hands up to grip your shoulders as I come, hard, pleasure surging through me, moaning your name out.

Remus: I choke a little bit trying to swallow it all but I think I did a pretty good job all things considered. I lick up any bits I might have missed and press gentle kisses over your stomach, delaying the time I have to face you. But eventually I move up to lie beside you, watching you carefully. I'm not entirely sure how to act after that.

Sirius: I sigh contentedly and move onto my side so I can face you, as I slip one arm around you. I reach up with my other hand and gently brush my fingers over your cheek, gazing at you with half-lidded eyes. "That felt incredible," I murmur, leaning closer to kiss you gently. "It really did."

Remus: I snuggle in closer, sliding my arm around your waist. "Really?" I hate the way my voice sounds right now. Pathetic really. "I'm sorry I couldn't do it right."

Sirius: "Don't apologise," I say firmly, holding you close to me. "It was perfect. Honestly." And it was, because it was you. "It was your first time - I understand. And it was better than I would've thought."

Remus: "It was?" I feel a lot better to hear you say that and I even smile at you. "Well, good, because I wanted you to feel as good as you made me feel." And I hug you tightly, my heart bursting again as I press my lips against your shoulder for a long moment.

Sirius: I smile back, beyond pleased at your words, and gently run my hand over your back as you press your lips to my shoulder. "I really do love you Remus," I murmur, my hand moving slowly over your skin. "I mean it... I love you so much." I'm feeling a bit sappy at the moment, and incredibly relaxed, and I rather feel like sharing all.

Remus: I beam up at you, and kiss you. "I love you too, I mean, I *really* love you." I kiss you again, reaching up to caress your cheek, clutching you close with my other arm. It's a pretty tough call, you know, whether I'd rather listen to you say that or kiss you forever.

Sirius: I beam back when you say you really love me, and I deepen the kiss, tasting myself in your mouth, which is ridiculously arousing. I sigh contentedly and pull away to smile tenderly at you. I feel as though my heart's about to burst with love for you, but I can't get past the nagging guilt I still have. I move closer to you, as close as I can get, and I bury my head in your neck, breathing in your scent. "I'm sorry," I mumble, my words muffled by your skin.

Remus: I hug you tightly and kiss your cheek, that protective feeling flooding back inside. "It's okay, Sirius," I whisper in your ear, rubbing your back gently. "I'm sure you had a good reason and when you're ready, I'd really like to hear it."

Sirius: "I just... I snapped," I say quietly. "The things he was saying... I wanted to prove him wrong. Wanted to *show* him that you'd never- it wasn't true. I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you." I press myself closer, suddenly feeling all the guilt from earlier hit me. I close my eyes and sigh... I wanted to just enjoy being with you, I didn't want to get caught up again in all of this.

Remus: I'm silent for a while, just rubbing your back soothingly. "It really is okay," I whisper in your ear. "I was angry and upset at first, but Bella and I talked and well, we decided it must have been something pretty bad to make you do something like that." I press a kiss to your temple, hating that you're feeling so bad about this. "I still am a bit upset, if you want to know the truth. But I-" I don't think I should say more. I don't really know how you'd react to that and I don't want to push things too fast. "I love you, Sirius. I mean that. Please don't feel bad. What's done is done, we can't change it now." I press more kisses down your cheek, still rubbing your back, hoping that I'm getting through to you but really, I know it will take time.

Sirius: "But what?" I ask quietly. I press my lips to your shoulder for a moment before I curl up against you again, and sigh. "You can say it, I won't get mad. I don't even *deserve* to be able to get mad now..."

Remus: "But nothing." I reply firmly, still pressing kisses over your face. "I'm just glad you're here now and that you're okay. I know you think that's weird, but even when I was mad at you, I still missed you this weekend."

Sirius: "I missed you so fucking much," I murmur, as I press my lips to your neck. "You have no idea... I wanted to find you and talk to you and apologise, and just *hold* you, but I was..." afraid. I shake my head a little and kiss your neck again, hoping that everything can work out eventually. I couldn't stand it if it didn't.

Remus: "You're here now and I'm never letting you go again." I can't suppress a little sniffle at the tone of your voice and I don't think I've ever hated Snape so much ever for doing this to both of us. It's really not fair. "Need you, Sirius," I whisper, as if it's being dragged out of me.

Sirius: "Need you too," I whisper back, kissing your neck again. "Need you so damn much." I run my hand slowly up your back and down your side, my fingers lightly brushing over your skin as I rest against you. There's nowhere else I'd rather be right now, than here with you like this. It's still incredible to know that I *can* be here with you, the way I am right now. "Never want you to let go of me again," I reply quietly, my voice barely audible.

Remus: My arms tighten around you at that and if I had my way, we'd never get up again. "Want to go to sleep now? I, uh, I haven't had as much sleep as I should have this weekend and I'm beginning to get really sleepy," I admit quietly, reaching up to stroke your hair. "Want to stay in my bed this time?"

Sirius: "Me either," I murmur, and as if on cue, I yawn quietly. I close my eyes as you stroke my hair, and I relax more against you, loving to be held like this. I've never let anyone act like this around me... I always wanted it to mean something. Now I let it, because it *does* mean something. It's you... you mean everything to me. "Yes," I whisper, when you ask me if I want to stay in your bed this time, and I feel suddenly overwhelmed with how damn much I love you." Thank you Remus," I murmur, my voice trembling just slightly.

Remus: I kiss your forehead and your cheek and smile gently. "Don't thank me. But perhaps it might be best if we get under the covers. Might get a bit cold otherwise." I kiss you briefly and reluctantly pull away, reaching up to pull the blankets down. I shift up the bed and slip under the blankets and wait for you to join me before pulling the blankets up around our shoulders and move back against you again. "That's better. You can go to sleep now, gorgeous."

Sirius: I smile a little at you before I slip under the blankets myself, then I curl up against you and yawn again, before I close my eyes and relax (as best as I can, given the feelings that are going through me at the moment). I'm suddenly feeling exhausted... whether it's the alcohol, the guilt, the calm from after you used your incredible mouth on me, or the fact that I've been wandering in a bloody dungeon for days (or, really, a mix of them all), I find i can barely keep my eyes open. I yawn again and nuzzle my head against your shoulder. "Sleep is good," I murmur, without being really aware of what I'm saying.

Remus: I smile, holding you close against me and stroke your hair again. I like doing that. "Night, Sirius," I whisper, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. I close my eyes and sigh contentedly, so nice and warm and comfortable here with you.

Sirius: Mmm... I love the feeling of this right now, of being here with you, just like this. "Night, Moony," I murmur, sounding sleepy. I nuzzle against you again a little, then sigh quietly. "Really love you, more than anything, ever," I murmur sleepily. I fall silent and rest against you, happy to be in your arms, and gradually fall asleep, feeling safe and warm and for now, content.
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