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Brenna Devlin


Brenna is sitting in one of the quieter corners of the Library reading up on dreams and their meanings hoping to find something that will help her with hers.

Davy wanders into the library, a stack of books under his arm. He drops them off with Madam Pince and glances around, spotting Brenna in the corner. He ambles toward her.

Brenna doesn't notice you walk into the library and is beginning to get frustrated with the meanings that she is finding in the books surrounding her. None of them are making any sense.

Davy finally reaches your table. "Dudette," he says softly, by way of greeting.

Brenna looks up and sees you. "Hey Davy, you want to sit down?" she smiles your presence helping to take away the frustrations she's having with the books around her.

"That'd be stellar," he grins, taking a seat. "I know we don't know each other very well, but, well, I was hoping that would change."

She smiles at your optimism. "That would be great. I'm always looking for good friends to talk to."

Davy moves his head from side to side with a goofy grin. "Well, I'm not sure I'd be a good friend, but I'd try!"

Brenna shakes her head, "Of course you'd be a good friend. You're very optimistic and that’s a good quality. In fact it's helping me forget about interpreting that stupid dream I had."

"Did you get my text okay? The owl acted a bit barmy," he comments idly.

Brenna looks through her books and into her bag. "I don't think I did, but it might be in my dorm. I'm so scatterbrained lately I have no idea if I even received it." she says slightly disturbed that she can't find it.

Davy gives you an easy smile. "Just return it when you're finished. Something bothering you?"

Brenna sighs. "My dream really is the only thing. I don't understand it and the translations that I am getting are just, well, off." In reality Brenna knows exactly what is bothering her, the Sight, and it's tendencies to not work right when she wants it to, but she's not sure how you would react and she has no desire to be compared to Trelawney.

"So what are the books saying?" Davy asks. He's unaware of your Sight, though he's accustomed to having odd dreams.

Brenna sighs, "Well you remember the dream right? I know I mentioned it in our journals."

Davy nods his head. "Yep, I remember." He scratches his head, recalling the details.

"Well I have been concentrating so far on the tunnel and the light at the end of it, but so far nothing the books are saying makes sense," Brenna says and runs her hand through her hair to get it out of her face.

"Do you think that was the focus of the dream? Doesn't that mean death, man?" Davy cocks his head to the side.

Brenna sighs and picks up a book. "Not necessarily. This one here says, 'Illumination. Vision. Ready to accept reality.' It just doesn't make much sense to me. I think I might be trying to hard and I'm missing something important." she closes the book and sighs again.

"Maybe the dream was sort of a preparation for another one you're going to have?" he suggests hopefully.

Brenna looks thoughtful. "It's possible," she says slowly thinking over what it could mean and cocking her head to the side slowly.

"I'm no expert on dreams," he admits. "I wish I could help."

Brenna smiles. "Hey, don't worry, you've helped, believe me. Usually when I have trouble with my dreams I would talk to my gran... but that's not possible anymore, so, er... I have to find people I can talk to who can give me a new perspective on what I'm seeing."

Davy all but bounces in the chair. "Man, I can do that! And I like talking to you. I think you're a stellar dudette," he adds sincerely.

Brenna smiles widely and says, "And you're a pretty groovy dude, so I think it will work out."

Davy laughs, getting a shush from Madam Pince. "Its all gravy then," he notes, nodding. "So, want to talk more about dreams or something else?"

Brenna shrugs, "It doesn't matter. I think I'm gaining a new angle on my s-dreams and if you want to keep talking about it it's cool with me." Brenna realizes she had almost slipped about her Sight and wonders how long she's going to keep her sight a secret.

Davy shrugs. "I'd be glad to then. Have you researched other parts of the dream?"

Brenna shifts her books to find the parchment she was writing on, she glances at it. "I was just about to move on to the wolf portion of it... would you like to help?" she asks.

"How?" Davy offers willingly. "Need me to read?"

Brenna thinks a moment, "Well, you could look through the books and see if they mention anything about wolves, but I'm not even sure if wolves will be mentioned. These books seem hopeless," she says with a small frown.

Davy pulls some books toward him, flipping to the index in the first one. "Nope, no wolves." He takes the next, and seeing no index, begins scanning the pages.

Brenna sighs, she is also looking for wolves and having no luck is getting frustrated again, she pushes the book aside and looks up at Davy. "You sure you wouldn't want to go do something else? I mean, this is rather boring and I'm sure we could find something else to do if you wanted," she rambles.

"I can help you for a while longer," he grins. "I don't mind. That's what friends do."

Brenna smiles. "Thanks Davy, I really appreciate it." She drags another book toward her and begins to look again.

Davy goes back to scanning the book, sighing when he finally nears the end and pulling another one toward him.

Brenna pushes aside another book and grabs another one, still looking for wolves.

"Here you go," he says, pushing a book toward you, finger on a page.

Brenna takes the book and reads the passage. "Thanks Davy, you're wonderful," she says with a smile as she reaches across the table and ruffles your hair.

Davy blushes. "Not really," he giggles. "And I should go, now," he sighs.

Brenna smiles at your blush and says "Yes, you are. See you later Davy."

Davy gives you a goofy grin and stands. "Talk again soon?"

Brenna smiles in return. "Of course, I wouldn't miss it," she says glad that you came across her in the library.

"Bye, dudette," he waves, ambling out of the library.

"Bye Davy," she says and waves back at you considering leaving the library herself.
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