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Arabella Figg: God. Worst day EVER. I'm three seconds from crying, and I utterly refuse to, thanks. I don't cry. Not easily, and not over a guy. And this isn't even really about Malfoy. This is about Sirius, and what he did, along with Malfoy and just... gah. Everything. Shoot me now, I'm done with this! I'm walking down the hallway from the Great Hall after eating. Slightly better after eating, thanks.

Evan A Rosier: Things have been the same really, other than recent happenings, but I honestly could care less about them all. Malfoy has been a bitch about things lately, I don’t' understand why, honestly. If he wants to own a girl, fine with me. I just wish he'd stop bickering about it. Malfoy. Pfft. I turn a corner as I'm leaving the Great Hall and on my way towards the library to drop off a book. I see you walking towards me and can only roll my eyes. Great, just who I wanted to see.

Arabella Figg: I look up, then sigh a little. God. Great, this just makes my day. "Hey, Evan." I don't have the energy to be snarky.

Evan A Rosier: I raise and eyebrow, wondering why you're not being snarky with me. Glancing to you momentarily, I just nod in acknowledgement as I usually do, "Figg."

Arabella Figg: "I assume you're still rather hacked off at me?" I feel like a glutton for punishment today. Can't help it. So much I can't fix today, so I'm trying really hard with the stuff I might be able to. "Cause I really am sorry."

Evan A Rosier: Now she's going to start a conversation. I sigh heavily and stop, switching the book from my left hand to my right. "No," I breath out. "I'm not hacked off about that still." I simply reply, not thinking I should have to explain much more than that. "And don't apologize. It's all right.." I trail off. I've said more than I had initially wanted too, dammit.

Arabella Figg: I manage a little laugh. "Oh good. Cause... well, I guess I felt like a jerk after that. I'm sort of learning the hard way this whole dating business." I lean against the wall. At least one person is off the 'going to kill me' list.

Evan A Rosier: I just peer down at you with half open eyes, the dull expression on my face never changing. "Why should you feel like a jerk? I was the one who asked you out and according to Malfoy I'm supposed to be a fucking leaf reader to know that you were with him." I say in a soft, calm tone, the volume of my voice never rising. My anger doesn't get the best of me this time. Maybe this isn't her fault, who the hell am I kidding, part of it is.

Arabella Figg: I sigh a little. "I should have told you. I mean, I didn't figure he'd wig out on you or anything. I sort of underestimated our little agreement. Still. I should have said something. Just to keep you out of it. That wasn't fair."

Evan A Rosier: You're damn right, but I wont tell you that. I let out a long slow sigh, hesitating to say anything more. "You should have." I say firmly. I no longer peer down at you, rather I narrow my eyes in confusion, "how did you underestimate a little agreement?"

Arabella Figg: I sigh again, pushing my hair out of my face. "I just... ok, I figured that it was just a shag agreement, and it was just that one time. But he's... I don't know. He doesn't see it that way. I didn't even think it was going to turn into anything. And I didn't mean to drag you into it either. I just... thought it was something else."

Evan A Rosier: "So while you shagged Malfoy, which is not surprise to me that he'd continue with you, assuming you're a good shag then, you wanted to go on a date with me, correct?" I ask, wondering if this is what you had in mind all along.

Arabella Figg: "I didn't think it was more than one time with Malfoy." I snort. "God, I've turned into such a whore. I figured that he and I weren't... anything. And going out on a date with you would be fine. I... I didn't think that he wanted me after that one time."

Evan A Rosier: I just let out a short laugh, "You're kidding right? You didn't think that sleeping with Malfoy one time was going to hinder anything?" I let out a slightly longer laugh. "That's rich." After calming a bit, I can't help but leave the smile on my face. "You? A whore? Tell me, how many guys have you slept with."

Arabella Figg: "One." Yes. Just Malfoy. I lean a little more heavily against the wall. "And I... I didn't know he was going to want anything else from me. I let myself get caught up in it, and I figured after that he'd pull the whole 'half-blood' card and forget the whole thing. Never thought he'd be possessive."

Evan A Rosier: "Sleeping with one Slytherin doesn't constitute you as a whore. I'm sorry to upset you, but no." I shake my head slightly, the smile fading from my face. "As far as Malfoy goes and his meticulous shagging, I can't honestly speak for him when I say that sleeping with a girl is like marking them in a way. Though, in due time, I let go." A devious grin comes across my features, "and the time period varies. It could be days, years... even hours. I guess you could say it depends the girl."

Arabella Figg: I blink, then grin back. "Oh, good to know. Because hellish, emotional rollercoaster’s are SUCH fun. I'm really looking forward to this." I blink, then shake my head. "Besides, I really cheesed him off this morning, so most likely he is finished." I'm quite proud that I manage to only sound a little hurt at that.

Evan A Rosier: I can't help but ask, "And how did you cheese him off?" Raising and eyebrow and tilting my head to the side slightly, very curious as to the reason why he'd be angry with you.

Arabella Figg: "The Tower was nuts this morning, and I couldn't get down to the village before noon. Everyone kept stopping me, and I ended up having to owl him that I wouldn't be able to meet him. So then he just got all mad." I sigh again, then mentally smack myself for sighing over Malfoy. "He's pissed."

Evan A Rosier: I hold back any laughter and just let out a snort. "So you had to, in a way, cancel with Malfoy?"

Arabella Figg: I nod. Miserably. "Yeah, pretty much. Fucking poetic, huh?"

Evan A Rosier: "Music to my ears." I say simply, nodding once at the same time. "He is Malfoy and you can't let him down."

Arabella Figg: "I seem to have learned that the hard way," I say, rather wryly. "I wish I could say it has more to do with me and less to do with his pride, but I'm not *that* naive, thanks."

Evan A Rosier: "Smart girl." I reply quickly. "Though I'm sure you know what the truth really is..." I trail off, switching the book from my right hand back to my left.

Arabella Figg: I exhale slowly, and rest my head on the wall behind me. "That he's just using me until he's done?"

Evan A Rosier: I shrug, not exactly knowing what Malfoy has in mind of what to do with you. "I can't say.... I mean, I don't know really. He may have other things in mind." I pause for a moment, my eyes for once tonight staring down into yours. "We may be Slytherins, but we're all different people."

Arabella Figg: I stare back, managing a little grin. "I can see why Sirius gets along with you so well. You're a pretty nice guy, Evan. Honestly." The grin goes a little broader. "And not just because you don't think I'm a whore."

Evan A Rosier: Ah fuck, how does this happen? I take a half step back, not sure how to take that really. Sirius has been the only real friend I've had outside of my house. "I can be nice... and I can mean... it depends on how I feel." I say with no expression at all. Sure, you think she'll buy that?

Arabella Figg: "Well, I'm glad you're feeling nice at the moment." I say, rather non-committally. I can tell that something's wigging him a little, but I'll let it slide. Not worth starting another incident. "It was nice in general."

Evan A Rosier: "Uh, yeah... I guess I may be, though I never know either..." I trail off, not knowing exactly what to say anymore, this is catching me a bit off guard. Merlin knows if Malfoy finds out that I was 'nice' to his possession, then this bickering between him and I will never cease. Ah, hell. Usually I'm just a wise ass anyhow.

Arabella Figg: I blink a few times. "Er... you ok?" I can't let all this slide. He seems suddenly really uncomfortable. "You look a little freaked."

Evan A Rosier: I just shake my head, "fine... I'm fine." I respond quickly, not wanting to go that far with this.

Arabella Figg: "Ok. Well, thanks for talking with me. I sort of needed it." I manage a little grin. Sirius is right. He really isn't too bad. "It was really nice of you."

Evan A Rosier: I raise eyebrow and nod once, "Sure." I reply, not having been thanked for something like this before. What's so special about it? We just talked, so what. "I'll see you at the final then."

Arabella Figg: "Yeah. At the final." I push off the wall, grinning a little. "Where we beat your sorry arses all over the pitch." My nose wrinkles. "I'm teasing, actually. It'll be a close one, of that I'm sure."

Evan A Rosier: I raise my chin up into the air slightly, letting out a light 'humph.' "That's what you think. We'll be kick your arses all over that pitch." I waggle my eyebrows, teasingly. "I'm sure it'll be close... and we'll win."

Arabella Figg: "Suuuuuuure you will." I grin a little more and then wave. "See you later, Evan."

Evan A Rosier: My smile fades and I only let out a low, "later," after you. In a way glad that the conversation is now over. Though I can't help but continue to think about how you told me I was nice. Nice. I'm nice. What the hell is nice? Me, I guess. But, I don't like nice, what Slytherin does?
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