Hey it's Yoss!

At least that's my livejournal name. I just joined today, but the flavour of the blog will be: random! I just wanna sort of break into the blogosphere and introduce myself some. Okay, later!

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My name is Rachele and I'm 21.
I went to school for Child Psychology, but never finished because I realize how many years and how much money I'll need. Ahh! I am married and we've been together for 5 years as of today ;) We have a 6month old daughter named Hailey Rhiannon and a 3yr old Siberian Husky named DaKota. I post pretty randomly about life, sex, my daughter and other things. I also post and take tons of pictures! I am very open minded. I am not shy about anything, nor do I censor myself or my journal. I am a SAHM doing Quixtar. I love cars and gossip. I can be beautiful or a bitch it really all depends on the time of day.
Need to know more? Read my info or just ask.
It's that simple.

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2005-12-12 03:22 pm (local) (link) Select

Name: David
age: 40
gender: Male
Sexual orient.: straight (w/ bisexual tendencies and desires)
intersts: Sex (of course), Music, golf, cars, women, sailing
music: Most anything except Country, however there is some I like
location: Kansas City, MO

Please add me to your flist..muzicman65


.name. Rachele aKa BabiGurl
.age. 18
.gender. Female
.sexual orient. Bisexual
.interests. Sex, Taking pictures, Music, Cars, Going to car shows, Cruising in my Eclipse, Having fun with the girls
.music. Anything BUT country
.location. Wrightsville, Pa where I currently live with my boyfriend

*Please keep in mind that my journal is going to be mostly about my sex life and is FRIENDS only.*
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