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so how about a change of pace....

instead of looking for a song that fits my life...

whats a song that fits your life?
I'm looking for new music and I dunno, it sounded good to me to make this post.

thanks if you can help =)


Songs about car crashes, or dying in a car crash?
My best friend's old friend just died in one, and I want to make him a CD.
Thanks for your help!

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How does it feel to know you're everything I need?
These butterflies in my stomach, they could bring me to my knees.

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So I have this project for school. I have to do something creative dealing with these portraits that we looked at. I was thinking about making a CD and I was hoping you guys could help me out a little.

The portraits had to do with eyes and these are the quotes that went with them.

"If eyes are truly the windows to the soul what happens in a portrait without a window"
That quote was about a set of pictures where the people in them had their eyes closed. 

"The eyes of my subject are so crucial...I snap the shutter only when I feel i am reaching fown and making a connection with the innerself of the person I believe them to be"
& That quote was about the portraits that had their eyes as the main focus of the picture.

If anyone could help me out with any songs I would really really appreciate it. I'm struggling a little bit with this. Anything that you think has to do with the quotes, or eyes open, or eyes closed or eyes in general. 

Thank you so much!! 
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 i need lyrics about needing / wanting to find a good man, newly single and searching for somebody right.. and/or being used to being treated badly in past relationships. thankss!
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lyrics about..

- being lonley
- needing a man
- first time in my life being single
- wanting what i can't have
- expecting too much.

thanks veryyy much.

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i have a situation that i need lyrics on..

ok so, i started seeing this boy.. it lasted about a month. it wasn't too serious but then it almost was and i was falling kind of hard, even though from the beginning he didn't treat me too wonderful. he always kind of acted like he didn't care / had an attitude and just basically wouldn't make me feel how i wanted to feel. but for some reason i like him a lot. i'm not used to my relationships being like this either so it was hard. anyway, last friday we were at a party together and with friends, and i got pretty drunk. i didn't do anything wrong though (no cheating on him or anything like that at all) i just tend to to get crazy / loud sometimes. anyway later on that night we were at a friends house supposed to stay the night there.. and he completley just ignored me. i tried talking to him asking wtf was going on and he wouldn't say a word to me. kindof weird. so i was drunk and pissed off, so i had a friend come get me. that was 3 days ago and he hasn't called me or anything since. i called him that night and he didnt asnwer and he obviously didn't call me back for a reason so i'm not going to try calling him. so i heard from another friend that he doesnt want to be with me.. he didnt like how i was acting friday and thats it. i understand what he wants and its fine with me.. but i just wish he was mature enough to atleast CALL ME and let me know.

sorry it's so long.
so i need lyrics about ;
-ending things without even telling me
-being hurt
-not man enough to give me an explanation
-not knowing what i even did wrong
-needing to find a guy right for me


idk.. please and thank you.