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Lunatic Pandora

a video game community

4/24/06 07:42 pm - cluckthechick

So, uhh, I think we should do something fun. I don't know what, anyone got some ideas? Perhaps a contest of sorts? I don't know. And if any of you have anyone who'd wanna join this community, tell them about it! ^.^

1/10/06 08:28 pm - cluckthechick

Hey everyone, it's angelicrinoa. Just thought I'd let you know that. I'm going to leave the group with that name and keep this one on.

1/6/06 05:06 am - angelicrinoa

Cross posted from and to... oh let's see.... my personal journal, girl_gamers, girlgamers, 18plusgamers, _final_fantasy_, and lunaticpandora_

The RP group I have decided to start is now fully functional, save an example application and some event ideas, so if you've wanted to join a role play in LJ and never got the chance, here it is! It's a Final Fantasy roleplay, and all the information is on the website. Just go to balamb_school for all the details of this rp group.

If this kind of stuff isn't allowed, I'll take it down, but I read the rules of all the communities, and it seems this should be ok for each one.

1/4/06 02:20 am - angelicrinoa

I'm excited. My balamb_school is almost complete. If anyone wants to join an rp, come on over and check it out. I'm going to be strict with applications because rules should be followed. And if you can't do that you're going to ruin the RP. >.> Other than that, everything is almost done, as I said. Just gotta go over everything one more time to make sure everything is right, put up all the user info for each community and finish the application then it'll be set!

Oh, and could you tell me what you think of the layout? I want honest opinions. I'm very proud of it, and if it looks crappy I wanna know so I can make even better ones next time! lol

12/28/05 12:21 pm - ftiki88 - Advent Children images

i posted these in the community FF7 and decided i should post them here. there are three moving gifs i made from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. i would just post the images, but one's kinda big, so i'll just give you guys the folder its in. enjoy!!


Loz.gif isn't that good...
Omnislash2.gif is smaller and repeats; while Omnislash3.gif is bigger and plays only once (no clue why it stops)
Reno.gif hmm... just because i like the Turks!!

12/22/05 02:07 am - angelicrinoa - New FF rp (go figure)

Alright, so I'm going to try to start another RP group (my last one failed probably because it was on GJ... lol). I'm going to be very strict on who gets let in and stuff but that's because I've had to deal with two mods that had no idea what they were doing and I was stuck doing everything but walking on eggshells because I didn't the original mod mad at me. Yeah, so I'm starting my own because I got sick and tired of that crap. I haven't done anything for it yet except decide how many things will be connected with it, and how, in general, it's going to be run. Nothing is written out yet. My friend is also helping me with this, pretty much going to help me make sure the rules are written properly and stuff because I'm retarded with words, and she's going to help me with the making of the application. Once it's up I'll post a link to it and all that stuffs, but I thought I'd give you a heads up if you were looking to join any rp groups.

Now for the important information:

-FF rp group
-Takes place in Balamb Garden
-It's not a "high school" or "university" just a "school"
---(aka - all ages like Balamb is supposed to be)
-FF characters from any except 1 and original 3 are allowed (aka 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10-2)
-Rules and things will be posted as soon as I make them and write them down
-Same thing with the application
-Characters can be at any point in their life
-Both staff and students are needed

-Edea is taken by me and Headmaster Cid is deceased. (what does that make Edea? Headmistress!)

Help me get my group going! It would be awesome to get this off the ground!

11/28/05 11:37 am - angelicrinoa

So, uhh, how about that X-Box 360...


10/28/05 02:39 pm - vwinternightsv - Shadow Hearts.

i'm not sure i might have posted this before i moved back to ga, But oh well lets Discuss.

Shadow hearts.
a turn based rpg for the ps2.

A very interesting game with a decent storyline. Great gameplay and interesting characters.

its a good looking game with an interesting battle system. "the judgement ring."
it takes practice to get the hang of the ring, but when you do it'll become second nature.

for a score i'll give Shadow Hearts.

Music-10. "the music in this game is just simply beautiful!"
characters-6 "some interesting characters, but a few boring chaps as well."
Difficulty-4 "i dont think i've died once. and i havnt had a problem with any enemy."

All in all if your looking for something to tide you over while you wait for something else. this is the game for you.

Please share your comments. and if you've played this game give me your score as well.


your friend

10/19/05 02:57 pm - vwinternightsv

ok i got a great game to review here. World of Warcraft.

without a doubt the best MMORPG i have ever played. Graphics are nice! and unlike EQ you can actually play this game without a group lol. Plenty of quests to do.

Well let me break it down for you all with a score.

Graphics-i'll give it a strong 8

Diffculty-i'll have to give it a 5 its not a hard game at all and all the things that sucked about eq were fixed for this game. For instance. Losing xp when you die? nope not in wow.

Sound-Honestly this game sounds beautiful. and the voice emotes are awesome.

Fun Factor-this game is about as much fun as sex. it doesnt get old. youre always exping new things. and if your on a pvp server its really fun.

let me just say this. if anyone out there is a fan of MMORPGS. please try wow it rules.

Anyone else here play it? if so give me your ratings as well.

9/12/05 11:46 am - vwinternightsv - Hack

Who here has played the Hack games? those things are awesome. im currently on the second one and im very amused by it.

i'll explain it a tad.
its set up like your online in game. and you have to send e-mails to the party members you want to join your group. interesting but it can be annoying when the good ones arent online!

but other than that its a normal action RPG. your in control of the main character and your two party members are controlled by AI's you can set to whatever. like normal melee or magic only..

but all in all i give the game a 7 for inventive gameplay.

Any comments?
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