The Radest Fuckin' Dude Alive (theomen9) wrote in lowerclassbrat_,
The Radest Fuckin' Dude Alive

Name : Erik
From : Waterford, Michigan
First Song: Psycho Fav Song: Bite the Bullet, Psycho, Just Like Clockwork,
Addicted to Oi, Safty Pin and Sick, ext...
Fav Bands : LCB, GBH, Subhumans, Oxymoron, The Adicts, Clit 45, Sham 69,
The Business, Skrewdriver
Thought : Listening to emo should be a crime. I seen Lower Class Brats at some place in detroit. they were with Clit 45 and a local band called The Ratfinks. it was a hell of a show. i remember LCB played Addicted to Oi. there was a big ass mosh pit and i got throw up on stage... i landed on my head and while doing that i accidently kicked Bones in the leg. it was werid but i just went back to moshing. with that i think LCB should play more shows.
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