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Take It Easy (Love Nothing)

.Bright Eyes|Conor Oberst.
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This is a community dedicated to Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes. It is different from all the other Bright Eyes communities because in this community, we respect Conor and we respect each other. I created this community with a particular goal in mind - to let it serve as a sort of haven for the people who are sick of the Conor-bashing. No, we do not praise Conor here as if he were God or ignore any of his faults, but we discuss both his positive and negative qualities in a mature, intelligent manner.

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♥Conor Oberst is Sweet Melodic Love♥
made by lunatistic_soul

Guidelines (READ THIS, or suffer the consequences):
- Stay on topic! (Anything Conor or Bright Eyes related)
- No promoting other communities.
- No bashing Conor. No, it isn't cool to diss Conor Oberst just because most of you are too dense to even understand what he's talking about, no, you won't get KEWL pointzz for doing it, you'll just get an instant ban.
- Please be courteous to all members. Debates are welcome but please do your best to refrain from personal attacks as well as using derogatory/obscene terms. You may if they really are being an idiot, but I should be handling that most of the time.
- After having joined the community, an introductory post would be very much appreciated. Doesn't have to be long and involved, but has to be something.

The Strike/Ban Lists can be found here.

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