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love hurts. post here.

love gets knifed
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created and maintained by: erika_window__story
mod: tamara___static

this community is for is for anyone to join
it is meant for meeting people with similar interests that you can connect with, or something...

basic rules for this community

  • describe yourself:age,sex,location(omg. A/S/L!?)
  • you don't necessarily have to post pictures but if you do, please lj-cut (for more than 1)
  • let everyone know what you're like, make it as elaborate as you wish
  • you can only post if you are single (at the time you join)

p.s. sucking up to me gets you knifed, dont do it.

post often, i want this community to actually mean something to people

oh yeah, feel free to make entries containing poems or songs that you wrote, or another artists work