I've never posted in this one before....
I'm 14, and a girl, obviously. Read my journal, & you'll basically find out all you need to know about me. Later days.
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UM im 15, im a girl that looks like a guy.....and i live in jolly texas......good thing....or bad...?

I belong to the club of single people and probably will always stay there.....considering that no one will ever want to go out with me.......

Im in class and my teacher doesnt care about what we are doing....maybe that is why i have 100 in this class... in this class i am the only one that isnt a freshmas.... i feel really left out...other than that there isn't really anyhting else to say about myself.....

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19/female/living in Buffalo while I go to school

My userinfo will basically tell you most things about me. I'm single, looking to meet interesting guys, not looking for a relationship really, because those are no good. I have some pictures, and once I figure out how to post them, I probably will. And that's all for now.

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okay..well, no one has really said much of anything lately, so...er...here's a poem about my grandpa...

So you signed your dick to the USA
You say it's like a grand future giveaway
With military privelages when you come back
That is, if you survive all the combat.
And don't forget you have to work
Like shave your head and be a jerk
Kill the innocent
Make sure they don't thrive
Beat them down until the can barely survive
Make their life a living hell
So when you come home you can live extrodinarily well
Be proud to know your part of the red, white, and blue
Even though what it stands for is not true
Oh well, who cares?
Not everything is fair (right)
Like that contract you signed
Stating it will help you even if you go blind
It was only a piece of paper
The USA doesn't care about your labor
Just as long as the rich get the money
They live off of you and think it is funny
So now your old and ageing away
And all you can do is complain about the USA
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So.. I manage a community.
I didn't read any rules saying I couldn't plug it..

So I am going to do so!

It's an ANYTHING community. And it's not an "anti-emo" thing either. It's just the name I came up with at the time.

Post when you want.. what you want.. as long as you're respectful.