//erik (a_window__story) wrote in lovegetsknifed_,

so i wrote a song tonight.

oh fucking boy. get ready for it...

The sinister telecast

This city is static, the broken antenna staring back at you through a glass screen.
This hearts a prisoner, for the exception, love is bad reception. Channel 3 calls for rain. Don’t go out without your umbrella. Channel 4 says it’s going to be a cold night. Don’t go out without your coat. I’m praying for a knife across my throat.

All public access telecast’s:
Don’t you dare go outside.
The city is a murderer, an escaped convict from a maximum security prison.
A killer who will push you off the city’s edge as you look down to admire the cars.
You’re getting ready for a concrete kiss.
don’t you dare go outside.
The city is a murderer, a vile creature with intent of bloodshed
A killer who will slit your throat as you look up to admire the stars.

Admire the stars baby!
You’re bleeding all over yourself.

Tonight is a letter that was never worth sending
Life is a story where everyone knows the ending.
But first, lets talk of love…
(that’s what you call it before you become a victim right?)
Answer your phone and interrogate me.
“are you ok?”
I’m going crazy without you.
“are you ok?”
Lets do what lovers do.
“are you ok?”
Does it sound like I’m crying?
“are you ok?”
Lets talk of dying.

In the adjustment of a mid summer
All public access, the public adjusts the arms of your lover.
In the clutches of your lips
All public access, the public clutches their guns by their hips.
Pick up the phone, I hate being close but I hate being alone.
“You’re so cute”
You swore you’d buy me flowers.
“You swore like the passenger of a car wreck.”
You pause like you want attention
“You pause like electrons in suspension”
Throw the switch I’ll electrocute for you

by erik snavely

also some pics.

oh boy...get ready for it...

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