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Woo! Posting

http://www.wouldyouhitthis.com/?id=15114 This is pretty much the only picture i have of myself thus far. (if i'd ever get off my lazy ass and take another one, i'd have more XD) it's half a year old though.
Anyways, onto my profile-esque thing o_O;

Er, where to start. Well, uh,i'm 16 goin on 17 (this feb 16th ^.^)and i'm a geek, to sum it all up in a nice little package. I'm into anime, computer and console games. I completely dig feudal japan and japanese mythology. I also love fantasy based stuff (like warcraft, and tolkein's works) I like to draw (currently i DON'T *stabs artist's block over and over again with his pencil* by the byw, my art page is http://hiyato.deviantart.com ) and i hope to move to japan and land a job at a manga studio or sommat, and publish my manga idea X3! I'm tottaly lacking in a social life, i have only one r/l friends, the rest are net friends (rather good ones too, had em for quite a few years). Er, thats all i can think of currently. Oh well, feel free to im me or whatever, i'm a pretty nice person XP
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