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WAKE UP EVERYONE! [30 Jul 2004|12:46am]
So, summer is nearing an end. And what've we got to show for it? The BEST we can do for our wee little community is say what we have done all summer. I want to hear everything you got! Come on! Look i'm like a freaking carb burning work-out show here i'm so pumped. I can't wait TO GO TO LSU!!! :-) In any case, I...

-went to Gulf shores, alabama and enjoyed the fuck out of it.
-went to houston and galveston, tx and kinda enjoyed it.
-went to baton rouge, louisiana quite a few times. enjoyed it thoroughly because i'll be LIVING THERE soon.
-am going to new orleans for the FIRST TIME on august 19th, but what's weird is that i've lived in louisiana since i was 3 and i've still never been.

Anyway, everyone else can post now. Or reply. SOMETHING...

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