June 8th, 2004

My so called life

Well, My name is Sandy. Im 16 years old. I live in orlando,fl.(sometimes a fun place) Im just a girl in this world who is just looking for love.. but in the wrong places. I just put in a search for alone and I saw this community come up, and it put a smile on my face. Things about me are... I get lifted high in all of my hopes and then just when they turn out for the best something turns me on a concrete floor and I start over again...until one day ill stop hoping. I dont understand this world yet but maybe one day I will. I mean come on im only 16 but still i wanna understand now. Oh well I guess, I need somebody to be there for me. I want somebody who loves me for who I am, but hey where can we find somebody like that??? In wonderland?
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