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how many chords till this song vomits out real love


Hey what's up? Nothing really. My birthday's in two days. =D
My name is Julie.
I live inthe south of France,
and I'm14 years old. (15 in two days)
I am afemale.

Bands I like (5+) The White Stripes. The Vines. Phantom Planet. Nirvana. MUSE.

Movies I like (5+) Donnie Darko. Ghost World. Moulin Rouge. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Virgin Suicides.

I love... waking up in the middle of the nigh&remembering I can sleep in because I don't have school in the morning. :)

I dislike... avocadoes.

it's only cuz we're cool


cat/dog Cat.
guys/girls(non-sexually, as friends) Depends...
guys/girls(sexually, as bf/gf) Guys.
night/day Night.
summer/spring Summer.
fall/winter Fall.
photography/drawing Photography.

Write the first thing that comes to your head-

Tissues- Cold.
Kiwi- Bananas.
Aardvark- Star Wars (I dunno why)
Yellow- Submarine
Cough- Drops
Sand- Stone
Airplane- Bad food.
Booklet- Oulet (both words kind of sound the same).
Dancing- Fun.

Do you have any special powers? Well... I generally don't like talking about them but yes, I do. I...I... I GLOW IN THE DARK.

WHICH MOD IS BETTER? Come, be honest. I would answer this question, but I don't know any of the mods so...

Pick anyyyy person in this community, and bestow a big huge compliment upon them. justa_salesman, I think you have the coolest username EVER. :P

What do you do in your spare time? I play electric guitar + flirt with my crazily sexy neighbor + shop + try to find out ways to kill my brother without getting caught.

What would you say if I told you to "SHUT UP AND DANCE!"? I wouldn't say anything. I'd just do it.

Do you like robots? No. They kind of scare me. But if someone invented a robot that did homework, then I'd totally love that robot (and the person who would have invented it).

Post ONE unflattering picture of yourself.
I look like I'm about 40 on this pic...

Post pictures (More than 5. And more than 1 clear picture of your face).
You must have a 150x150 before you can be stamped.

That's all I have...


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