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Love, what's it mean?
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This is a community dedicated to love and the discussion and defining of it! Feel free to post anything here, whether it be quotes/lyrics, ideas or stories. So long as it pertains to love!
Not sure what to post? Just keep the community name in mind "Love_as" and go for it!
Here's just a few rules to abide by:

1. NO BASHING! This is NOT! a community for bashing, all ideas represented here are to be respected and valued, maybe even learned from!
2. Please stay on the topic at hand.
3. Please be open! Say what you want here, it's a place to express any ideas concerning a rather complex subject.
4. If any posts get really long please put them under LJ cut.(If you're not sure how, it talks about it in the LJ FAQ section, under posting)

Other than that happy posting!