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Welcome to Loserville.

Population: [see below]
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Yea. Another community for people with no lives. Here you can basically say whatever you want to say. ANYTHING. Bitch, rant, rave, post pictures or comics or political cartoons, talk about what you want to do but aren't doing, ANYTHING. But if you post anything offensive that is directed to one certain person, I will have to remove you. Oh, and feel free to say ANYTHING offensive about George Bushwhacker. If you like him and you post it openly on this community, you WILL be removed without hesitation.

Here is your application:
What did you do in the last 5 hours?
What is your middle name?
Are you French?
Are you Canadian?
Are you Australian?
Do you live in South Florida? If yes, J-Town?
Are you in any shape or form Brown?
Are you gay?
Are you brown, gay, and female?
Do you have 'tea time' in your household?
Are you English?
Are you an Emo kid?
Or do you eat Emo kids for breakfast?
Do you collect anything strange and unusual? If so, list.
Do you have any strange obsessions? If so, list.
Look to your left. What do you see?
Do you play DDR or EQ or D and D?
Are you Jewish?
Include a picture of yourself, if possible:

This community has been brought to you by:



Members can vote for who should be accepted or who should be rejected!!