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Looks like not much activity here. But I'll try stirring the pot and see what happens..

Haven't heard a huge lot of LOA, but have enjoyed all I've heard.

Worked as a video artist alongside LOA's drummer Kurt on his "DJ QRT" side-project for a while a few years ago, and developed a friendship with Kurt and his wife. But lost touch with them a couple years ago. Hope they're doing well, and hope to make contact again sometime.

Rock on,

-Chris whY
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You guys rock,

Just found this community. You guys kick ass. The lords have been my favorite band since around 93-94 or so. I have every album they have done and a buttload of remixes. I'd be interested in wallpapers or photos anyone has. I'm trying to put together a l.o.a style for my lj. thanks!
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anyone know where i can order LOA gear? [t shirts especially]
[edit] well, nevermind.. i found a place, even though they only had xl shirts.. can always alter it.
soo hey i'm new to the community but not as a fan.
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I am brand spankin new (sparkle sparkle) to this community and just wanted to say lords fucking rocks. I had most of their albums until my car got broken into and they all, with the rest of my music got stollen. Most of them are harder than crap to find around here to. oh well scan the internet right.
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New Fan

I just heard Lords of acid song. "you belong to me" I loved their beats and how they put words. They don't hold anything back. I'm happy for that. I'm glad you
did make this community. I'll join.

I'm Torrance
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