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well deserved update

So i think its pretty clear that gabi and i are idiots who cant update, but im over that. so heres an update. im out to find members jajaja since its just like, gabs, nikki and me... ever so sad :(

valentines day sucked ass. but it was alright cuz i married juan and vanessa (lol) i remember erica likeded juan. i think everyones had a juan stage.... silly shnuggle bunny :)

its ivys birthday tommarow. two yrs sgo around this time everyone hated us cuza that gram. and then ivys party. we threw oranges at that house. and laughed at estebans silly jokes before they were done. and watched 16 candles for the first time with dino. and lay out in the trampolin with steena and rabich. and looked for peoples stinky shoes. and laughed about my hair. oh, and juan gave me a bear with chocolates. and hung all over paloma at the dance. then asked y i was mad. and i gave his chocolates to the cheerleaders because i liked chocolate less than i do now. and gabi threw the teady bear at him with all his notes. and they got soaked in a fountain. and somebody flushed my bear down the toilet. and then i missed it. and then she kissed him. and thats when i stopped believing. and i gave up. on hope and love.

he was just another pretty faced guy, with another decent voice, and a repeate crooked smile.... yet he was so much more*


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