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last week of school, fuck yea

karla's leaving to t-town tm. i feel like i let her down this year. we started out great, but by now i know close to nothing about her and vise-versa.

last week was the shit. 

i spent tuesday with gabi & mark walking to the finitos from mi casa at like the suns peak hour. we chilled at the skate park and took pretty scene pics.

wednesday was all about aissa & roger. mia gave us a ride in her awesome car, lola. i didnt have keys. my mom dropped em off and took us to DQ. we ate, walked home but not forgetting to stop at every store on the way.

thursday richard took us to eat at sonic. my skirt flew up in the car and then javier and his friends were there. we went to my house and waited for nikole. richard drove us to blockbuster, and we saw hattie there. we rented cruel intentions and found aissa walking around outside. we watched cruel intentions at my house and everyone left. steena stpped by for me and we wmet up with gabs at transition, which was lame and inside. but the rain was rad. squid dropped off gabi and steena and took us to dennys. then aissas dad took us to kevins. it was kinda a bore at first, but it got better. haha lorens a bad influence on me. but yea, what can i say the kids fuckin sexy. so we were a little buzzed and decided  to stay over at lorens. it was kewl, and were such lame drunks haha but yea, we all poured our little hearts out and spilled every last "secret" haha.

we woke up friday and realized everything we had said, and it was a bit awkward for like a second. then we threw meagen in the pool. then she tried to throw loren in the pool, ut failed haha. then loren threw me in the pool =( and i pushed in aissa and loren. we messed around, got out, dried up. then loren ended up in there again with mannys bike. haha manny :P. then i pushed in aissa with her towel, and i swear she looked like a bird. then meagen, freakin ho pushed me in, and she went in with a scooter :P it was fun, we hung out there till like 5 then got ready for graduation. that sucked, and there was a blackout and i was fucking scared. and everyone and thei mother was in a bad mood. and aissa spent the night and we talked and stuff

yea, im looking forward to actually doing shit this summer =)

<3 ya Livia*


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