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 OK, people, I'm terrible at introducing myself, so I'll make this short.
My name is [page cannot be displayed], I'm [error 404] years old, and since I saw AB when I was 12 (an 18+ film :)) it became one of my favourites. The only movie that made me cry.
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Mind Trip

*sigh* I made a little mistake...

Sorry, I posted before making my introductory post. I've loved American Beauty since the first time I saw it and have it on VHS. My favorite characters are Ricky Fitts and Jane Burnham. My favorite scenes also involve them as the principal characters.
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Ooh, an introduction!

I'm Kaitlynn, I'm 15, and I live in a stupid-ass town outside Chicago. I watched American Beauty when I was 12, and it's been one of my favorites ever since. My favorite [actress] from the movie was Thora Birch because she reminds me a lot of myself.

Em... I guess that's it.
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