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i wish i had a little red box...

to put my best friends in.

white stripes. bootlegs. b-sides. peppermints.
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so you know who the white stripes are. you dont care if theyre brother and sister or if they used to be married or if theyre each others grandparents. you dont care who jack is dating. you dont care if meg has a dog. you just know that you love their music. want to trade, sell, or just give bootlegs/b-sides to other needy white stripes fans? are you in desperate need of that one song you heard at their show, but know its not on an album? this is the place for you.

now, i have a lot of b-sides, but i can't please everyone. join the place, and tell your friends, wont you? [[ps, lets play a game called pretend this black font is white.]]

maintained by _refund. comment on my journal or message me on aim at LafayetteEtRouge or on yahooim at ballandbiscuit if you have questions. or concerns. or want to know if meg really does have a dog.

(yes, we're still playing that black font is really white game.) click on the whole one memory to see the list of every song ever not released by the white stripes. do you not have some of them? do you not have any of them? ASK! please?