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Tori Amos Icon Challenge - Liquid Running.
Tori Amos Icon Challenge


WEEK 3 2007
Picture: raisingrrrl
Quote: dana_pants
WEEK 2 2007
Picture: sabre_dance
Quote: trashnoise
WEEK 1 2007
Picture: hadathought
Quote: raisingrrrl

Liquid Running is a Tori Amos icon challenge community. Members are given a Tori picture and a quote, they then make an icon using the given picture and/or an icon using the given quote. The icons are posted in an anonymous poll, and we vote for our favorites.

We also have random challenges, from time to time. These are subject entirely to the posting mod's whim. They could be anything from a given base to alter, to a friends only banner, or anything else the mod can com up with. These can pop up at any time.

The fun comes from challenging yourself, and seeing what others come up with given the same guidelines.

You must be a member to enter challenges! For rules and more info, please see the info page.

This community is on INDEFINITE HIATUS! Please contact wilde_moon with any questions.

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new icon community!

Inspired by the original community disney_rumble, is an all new type of community in which participants accumulate points in a 20 challenge round. No eliminations, no voting against icons, simply a refreshing take on icontests where everyone has a chance to win...and did I mention the prizes? ;-)

if you are looking for some challenges since this community has been non-used for quite some time, here is one that is similar that is just beginning. get in on the ground floor! come check it out!


YAY a new challenge finally!!

With the release of American Doll Posse finally apon us, I am certain that there are lots of people with their creative juices flowing for Tori.

So I bring you a choice of two images to choose from, one close up one furtherCollapse ) from the bonus dvd in the limited edition to choose from for the image challenge. The usual rules apply except that you can use either image to make your icon from; depending on how much wood you want in it.

For the Quote Challenge I am completely changing it up though...you can use any lyrics from the song Father's Son. The only thing you cannot use is the title alone. You can use any previous images of Tori from Piano era on but nothing from this new Doll Posse era promotional era release. [I'd suggest some of her really earthy images from Beekeeper or Little Earthquakes or Boys for Pele]

This challenge will close on Sunday May 13th!! Please get your entries in!!

For an overview:

-icons must adhere to LJ standards [100x100 px or 40kb size]
-animation is permitted but not required [in image challenge it must be the main focus]
-if you use the image and quote together your icon will be used as the IMAGE challenge entry
-textures and brushes are permitted as long as you have the makers permission to use but not necessary
-any level of skill is welcome
-do not use any icons entered elsewhere until voting has been wrapped up
-icons must be new for this community and challenge
-icons must be annoymus as is voting, cheating will be found out, suspicious votes will not be counted
-you do not have to enter both sections but is encouraged
-one entry per section per person


your week 3 imageCollapse )

to keep with the new album theme, your quote is going to be the newly released album title: American Doll Posse

normal guidelines apply for the challenge and everything but i must add, be very happy kids- old tori is BACK.

[this information and photo was from Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll Daily]


And here are your Image winner banners from week 33...Collapse )

And here are the banners for the Quote winner banners for Week 33Collapse )

Please comment and say that you have collected your banners so that we can get on with the random challenges for the end of the year!!

Comment here or on the other post[s] regarding the random challenge on what you would like to do. Input is great!! What kind of icons do you want to make? What are your favourite Tori songs? Your fave pictures or fashion eras? Give us some feedback and we'll make the challenges more....well challenging!

Could It Be The Weather?: bleh but proud of you guys bleh but proud of you guys

Week 33 Winners

Image Challenge

First Place- frailure #6 in poll
Second Place- take_apart #5 in poll
Third Place- deaddoloreshaze #8 in poll
Liquid Diamond- dana_pants #4 in poll

Quote Challenge

First Place- wilde_moon #5 in poll
Second Place- take_apart #1 in poll
Third Place- frailure #2 in poll
Liquid Diamond- raisingrrrl #3 in poll

I am not feeling too well right now however banners are made, they just need to get the icons and names placed onto them. I will add them to this post and get them uploaded as soon as I can this weekend.


the anne witch
week 32 banners

please forgive the lateness of these. i hope i got everyone's user names spelled right!

picture bannersCollapse )

quote bannersCollapse )

the anne witch
week 32 winners!

here are the winners for week 32. banners will be up by friday.

picture winnersCollapse )

quote winnersCollapse )

congratulations to everyone!

Vote Reminder

If you haven't yet voted in the Week 32 polls, please do so. There's a 5-way tie in the Quote Challenge!



Week 33 Challenges

And your image is...Collapse )

And your quote is:

"You see my dreams are filled with him" - from Peeping Tommi

Remember that you have two weeks for this challenge and that you do not need to use the image with the quote together.

Week 32 Polls

Vote!Collapse )

Polls are closed.

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