hey just joined and my top 5 bands and artist/girl are:

Bikini Kill
Schoolyard Heroes
Lacuna Coil
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Tori Amos
Shirley Manson
Chrissie Hydne
Patti Smith
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My top favorite girlie bands:

1. JULIE DOIRON (seriously if you guys dont know of this woman, check her out. Get her song "will you still love me in december" and/or "explain." It will change you)
2. cocorosie
3. rilo kiley
4. bikini kill
5. sleater kinney

If any one agrees, let me know, and I'll love ya forever.
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hey there

hey everyone, i'm caitlyn, i'm new.

top 5:

* ani difranco
* tegan and sara
* fiona apple
* alix olson
* dar williams

and a request to the community: does anyone have an extra ticket to the tegan and sara/cake show on january 20th at hammerstein ballroom in new york? i found out about it a little late i'm afraid, and there's no tickets left through ticketmaster.


hi my name is abbie, and id have to say that im really into the whole "female music" scene.
here are my top tops:

1) regina spektor
2) tegan and sara
3) fiona apple ( the older stuff)
4) magneta lane
5) mirah

just a few, but there you go.

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has anyone ever heard a song that goes somethinglike "why tonight? why tonight? its just a number....". thast all i can remember right now. the girl has got an accent. ive never been able to find this song anywhere, except for on a mixtape that was made for me. the girl who made it for me doesnt know what it is called or who it is by either.

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dear Tegan And Sara, why do you not live in my panties. the vibrations from the songs you would play down there would be most enjoyed.

Controller Controller, Feist, Metric, The Organ
all coming to my hometown this week, i am going to see The Organ and Controller Controller and i am so excited!

also excited that Controller Controller and The Organ have new albums.

also, does anyone here like Made Out Of Babies? i just found out about them. the song Sugar is really good.

and does anyone have any info about Karen O's solo album??