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welcome to the jungle

we got fun n' games...

the real Guns N' Fuckin' Roses
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Hollywood Rose & LA Guns combined and formed Guns N' Roses:
W. Axl Rose (vocals)
Tracii Guns (guitar)
Izzy Stradlin (guitar)
Ole Beich (Bass)-- Duff McKagan replaces him later in 1985
Rob Gardner (drums)

ORIGINAL GNR lineup (as of the release of Live ?!'@ Like A Suicide in 1986):
W. Axl Rose (vocals)
Slash (lead guitars)
Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitar)
Duff McKagan (bass)
Steven Adler (drums)

This is strictly a community regarding Guns N' Roses and it's respective members (even before GNR had it's actual name) from the years 1962 (the time Axl Rose was born) to 1990 (when Steven Adler was fired). This is also considered to be a listing of fans that want the original Guns N' Roses to reunite! PLEASE DO NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING BEYOND THE YEAR 1990... that's the entire point of the community!! Posting of literally ANYTHING is accepted that fits under the category of what's stated above!!! Also, remember to use LJ cuts whenever anything is lengthy (you'll know if it's too long), if it's a HUGE pic, or just anything that might get people's friends pages screwed up-- be considerate of that!!! And the #1 rule is to be respectful!!!! NO BASHING (you know what that is) and respect others opinions, and just follow the guidelines of what the term "original GNR" means. not too hard is it??