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Hi, just thought I'd pop in, as I've been a GN'R fan since sometime in Feb this year after watching the Guns N' Roses day on VH1 at my dad's. Then I decided I HAD to have ALL the CD's lol. So nearly 3 months later I have Appetite For Destruction, GN'R Lies, Use Your Illusions I & II (which came out the day I was born), The Spaghetti Incident?, Live Era 87-93, Greatest Hits, Welcome To The Videos, Use Your Illusions I & II World Tour '92, 2 posters (Appetite and the logo) and tons of Axl pics on my walls cos I think he's the most gorgeous thing on this planet. I'm 13 and I get called the Guns N' Roses freak at school and when GN'R get the piss taken out of them by people at school, they pay for it. I really respect and admire the whole band (and bought the GN'R latest Classic Rock too) and really want to meet them. I think though my 2 fave albums (OMG, really hard) are Appetite and UYI I. Also I think Slash is the best guitarist ever and I love his snake he had in the Patience vid. And my journal is friends only so if you want to add me, feel free to do so.
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