The Puppet Master, NOW DANCE! (slashs_girl) wrote in like_no_other_,
The Puppet Master, NOW DANCE!

Axl Rose Surfaces

Guns n' Roses Frontman Axl Rose signed a music publishing deal with London's Sanctuary Music Group worth a reported $20 Million in January. But according to attorneys for former Gunners Slash and Duff McKagan, both now in Vlevet Revolver, Rose had no right to sign the deal, which splits all future royalties from the G n' R catalog between the singer and Sanctuary. (Sanctuary is also Rose's management company.) "He doesn't own the copyrights," says McKagan's attorney, Glen Miskel, adding that in 2004 a lawsuit for the rights to the band's old songs is still pending. Rose and Sanctuary were unavalible to comment. Interscope Records maintains the rights to Chinese Democracy, the G n' R comback album that Rose has Promised for seven years.

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