December 4th, 2004

on the bus

500 greatest songs?

thought i'd share put out the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Basically The Beatles rocked the countdown. The Beach Boys had too many songs in there...Led Zeppelin was also a couple of times in there and of course the Stones (with Satisfaction on 2nd place) As for Guns N' Roses they were 3 times (w00t) on it:

nr 196 Sweet Child O' Mine
nr 453 Paradise City
nr 467 Welcome to the Jungle

this doesnt do enough justice to the songs. i don't how they based this countdown on. it seems by popularity though. because for example Smells Like Teen Spirit was in 9th place and even though i love the song, it really wasnt THAT good.

(wow i just looked at number 338 Maybe I'm Amazed by McCartney...WTF. I'm a huge Beatles/McCartney fan but...that song sucks. screw it this countdown is crap. how could they put Maybe I'm Amazed before PARADISE CITY! wtf..)
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