October 16th, 2004



Does anyone have large/big/medium sized caps of the video "Don't cry".

Or so I don't have to make it becuase I'm a lazy fucker...

A wallpaper with a lyrics from the song or a cap from the video?
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Ha ha (xposted in getinthering

I thought this was cute. I found it in an article someplace.

"Slash found it legendarily hard to wind down between tours so when he got back to LA, he’d either live with this friend or go stay in a hotel. So this one time the friend hasn’t seen Slash in a couple of weeks which is unusual because she knows he’s in town and usually someone would have called her by now to go pick him up because, well, she put notes in his pocket so that, when he passes out, if anyone finds him, they can call this number and she will go pick him up. The last time that happened, she recalled, Slash had passed out in the lift of the Hyatt - Led Zep’s old ‘Riot House’ - and had been slumped on the floor going up and down for God knows how many hours until one kindly soul went through his pockets, found the note and called her."

Hehe. "If found, please call 555-5555". I don't think I'd return him. ;)
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changed the layout!

it was time for a change, and besides, you all know that i'm a loser who likes to continually change my lj layouts 943889573029 times anyways so yeah... lol

how's it look?
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