September 26th, 2004

new layout :)

i decided to make a new layout for this community as well, hope everyone likes it as much as i do *drool*... and btw, where the hell is everyone!!!???

everyone is abandoning me!!! :(
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okay, so you guys know how there's those purses that have like people's pics on them and stuff (like ones that are like newspaper or whatever, or maybe have a pic of like marylin monroe or audrey hepburn on them). well, i was wondering about whether or not it would be possible to get one of those purses with guns n' roses on it. like i read somewhere that some people actually make purses like that and sell them on ebay (like there was this girl who made johnny depp purses and stuff) but i was thinking about how awesome it would be to have a purse with gnr pictures all over it like that. does anyone know of any place (or anyone for that matter) that makes purses like that, and could possibly make one of gnr??? or does anyone know if one already exists somehwere???

if you don't get what the hell i'm talking about, i'm sorry LOL
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