August 19th, 2004

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I was watching "Soundtrack to War" yesterday on VH1 just for the heck of it. It was showing some soldiers singing & rapping & then asking other ones for their favorite song to listen to out there. Many commented on how music is the only thing they have to get away from the stress sometimes. But when one soldier, Sgt. William Foster, was asked his favorite song he said "Civil War" by Guns. Its his favorite band & he loves the lyrics. He said they explain a lot of what him & the otehr soldiers think & feel.

I thought that was interesting. "Civil War" is probably one of my favorite songs, & I always thought it some very good lyrics for this war.

Hope this interested some of you.

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Guns n' Roses - I Really Want Them To Get Back Together...

I really want guns n' roses to get back together but I want the origanal band, I hate the new one... :(

I have a crush on Izzy and Slash there totally cool... But I have issues with axel he is odd. I'm bored and i did see that "soundtrack to war" it was odd but I was VERY happy when they metioned Guns n' Roses.

Scincery : Kelsey (also known as AC/DC)
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