August 16th, 2004

my last post for a while

well kids, this is gonna be my last post for at least two weeks because i'm gonna be in the process of moving across the damn country (all the way from maryland to southern california for those of you that didn't know already). I'm gonna miss you all!!! :( *tear*

i'll definitely try to be back as soon as possible though (as soon as i can get my computer and everything set up in our new house-- but that's gonna be QUITE A WHILE from now); yeah i know that sucks but there is seriously nothing i can do about it... so until then, au revoir!!!!

**kudos & cheers and all that good stuff,

x-posted like whoa, sorry to the dudes that have seen this three times lol
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psycho bale

Why Axl Is Axl

From the Live Era album, after Mr. Brownstone:

"Alright, not to be an asshole... but the people up here are getting REALLY fucking smashed. 'Uhhh it's so cool' -- it's not real cool when people are passing out and shit and I'm looking out at a lot of people in pain. So, how about starting from the back everybody try to take a step back. Because we don't need people passing out and having to go to the hospital [??? can't understand this part]. Bring up the house light a little bit and make sure this happens cuz I've already seen like too many people carried out from the fuckin' get-go and the show just started. Don't worry we're gona play for a fuckin' while tonight. Phil, what about some lights? [TONS of cheering.] Start from the back... try to take a step back. Come on. Thank you. IDIOT!"

Regardless of the part I couldn't understand, I just LOVE what he does. When was this from???
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