August 11th, 2004

Slash kickin ass

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i might be breakin the rules a lil bit but i thought this was quite interesting. i was watchin sum GNR videos and in the video for "yesterdays" there was pictures of izzy being shown throughout the video. i thought that was interesting because izzy wasnt in the band at when that song was recorded.
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this was discussed in further detail in my journal lol, but today when i was at the mall going to buy shoes in this store, and the dude there was bashing my music. now i didn't really mind it, because i figured that it would be returning the ignorance to flip out on him in public lol... but when he said that guns n' roses was overrated, not original, and then went on to make fun of their style and axl's voice, i was REALLY close to starting an argument with him.

now i obviously know that people all have their differing tastes in music and have different opinions on what sounds good to them and everything, but i actually question how someone can think that about GNR. am i the only one that doesn't understand that?? now there are some bands that i can understand how and why some people don't accept them, but GNR??? HOW?!?! why would you come to the conclusion that they're overrated???
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