August 6th, 2004


New <3

Hi, I'm Katie, obviously a HUGE fan of the orginal GNR. How I loathe what Axl did to the 'band'. So I decided to join. Love the layout!
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post of the evening!! lol, my nerdiness is uncontrollable

what do you guys think is the BEST song off of Appetite For Destruction??

i would have to say Welcome To The Jungle. it just DEFINES them because it's so intense (so is every other song that they have), but there's just something about this particular one that makes me want to get up and go INSANE. and plus, it was the song that first got me into them.
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finally, a guns n' roses community.

anyway, my name is joe and guns n' roses are one of my favorite bands ever. lies is one of my favorite albums too.

well, that's about it. good man.
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