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Looks like it is time for a post around here.

Well I guess to start up some conversation (and I do hope for some feedback ( :) What would be everyones favorite songs by guns n roses? Favorite member (s)?

Also what books about/for Guns N Roses do you recommend one to buy first? I see a few are out there... and I am not sure what one I want to get first to read up on... I only can get them online since around here we have no good stores. *sigh* Horrid it is.
psycho bale

Random AFD Appreciation--

Have you ever just sat and listened to Appetite For Destruction? And no, I don't mean having it on in the background and tapping along to the beat. I mean, actually LISTEN. Duff's thumping and grooving basslines, Slash and Izzy's unmistakable and ingenius guitar playing, Steven's energetic beating of the drums and the growling and screaming of Axl Rose. All of them came together at the perfect time and made the perfect album.

Just listen. Actually listen. You'll be so glad you did.
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