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Color me surprised... J had a good run, but X pulled ahead at the last second. For spite.

Yes, X is Our Greatest Letter!

So, I have no immediate plans for this community, but I am willing to randomize the brackets again and do the tournament over, or go back to daily posts for a while. Also, I believe posting access is on, so if anyone has any letter-related ideas, questions, or news, feel free to post them. Now, back to prepping for finals...

Round Three Results

J beats D 4-2
X beats S 3-2
T beats E 3-2

If I were E I wouldn't concede. Ben gave us a pregnant chad or whatever for a moment, but we must move on.

Thank you to everyone who has kept up. I'd like to welcome as many people as possible in the final two rounds so we can have an undisputed winner! SEMIFINALS START TOMORROW!

Round One Results

J defeats W 14-12
L defeats K 12-3
I defeats P 7-5
O defeats C 6-3
A defeats U 8-3
D defeats B 5-4
S defeats Q 5-3
V defeats N 7-3
X defeats R 6-1
G defeats Y 4-3
T defeats M 6-2
E defeats Z 6-4
F defeats H 4-2

Round 2 begins tomorrow! X receives a bye to Round 3 for receiving the highest percentage of votes. Meanwhile, say goodbye to W, K, P, C, U, B, Q, N, R, Y, M, Z, and H. They will be missed (except for R, R blew it).