Daniel Y. (danielxlii) wrote in letteroftheday_,
Daniel Y.


Color me surprised... J had a good run, but X pulled ahead at the last second. For spite.

Yes, X is Our Greatest Letter!

So, I have no immediate plans for this community, but I am willing to randomize the brackets again and do the tournament over, or go back to daily posts for a while. Also, I believe posting access is on, so if anyone has any letter-related ideas, questions, or news, feel free to post them. Now, back to prepping for finals...
Tags: final, results, the contest

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    J vs. X It's the final match! One of these letters is already the greatest in all the alphabet. Let's collect a ton of votes on this one (try…

  • Semifinal Results

    J defeats I 7-5! X defeats T 5-1! Final round tomorrow!

  • J vs. I: TIEBREAK

    I've returned to reality this weekend to find that J and I are tied in votes! Therefore we need a tiebreaker. However, the catch is that only votes…

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