Daniel Y. (danielxlii) wrote in letteroftheday_,
Daniel Y.

Round One Results

J defeats W 14-12
L defeats K 12-3
I defeats P 7-5
O defeats C 6-3
A defeats U 8-3
D defeats B 5-4
S defeats Q 5-3
V defeats N 7-3
X defeats R 6-1
G defeats Y 4-3
T defeats M 6-2
E defeats Z 6-4
F defeats H 4-2

Round 2 begins tomorrow! X receives a bye to Round 3 for receiving the highest percentage of votes. Meanwhile, say goodbye to W, K, P, C, U, B, Q, N, R, Y, M, Z, and H. They will be missed (except for R, R blew it).
Tags: results, round 1, the contest
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