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"I am flesh and blood, but not human"

This is actually a renewed request. I found myself looking randomly back through old livejournal interests, and realized that my previous submission had never been definitively answered.

1. Name:Meghan

2. Age: 21

3. Birth date: 10 November

4. Height: around 5'6"

5. Location: currently in New England, but that is ever subject to change as the whim strikes me.

6. Five Adjectives to Describe Yourself: contemplative, obsessive, impulsive, sarcastic, intelligent

7. Interests: I have to admit to having a wide range of interests. At the moment, I am finishing up a degree in illustration and art history, and find both subjects to be quite diverting. I enjoy history as a whole a great deal, actually. Additionally, I am always working on learning as many languages as humanly possible (and insist upon eloquence in all of them, as there is nothing quite so pleasing as a well-turned phrase) am an avid reader, enjoy acting and singing, and love being out of doors. Hiking and traveling are two of my favourite pass-times. I adore music, and play both the piano and the violin (although I have yet to follow up on my intentions to learn the guitar and flute - there is never enough time to accomplish everything one plans). I also have a bit of a fixation with fitting music to any scenario - be it simply my mood, or inspiring whatever painting or bit of writing I am working on at a given point.

8. Personal Strengths: a very good memory, mentally adaptive to situations, intelligence

9. Personal Weaknesses: somewhat argumentative, somewhat prone to procrastination, obsessive tendencies, and my brother informs me that my tongue is a finely honed weapon

10. Talents: I would like to think that drawing and writing are high on that list. I've also been informed that I am very perceptive to the psychological processes of others.

11. General Favorites (and why)

a. Non-VC Book(s): I have to admit to having several. American Gods by Neil Gaiman would definitely need to be near the top of that list. It's a wonderfully written novel, very gripping, and I simply adore the way that mythology is woven so integrally throughout the entire story. It manages to be very timeless, and has a wonderful story. Shadow is one of my favourite characters. I would also have to place all of the Sherlock Holmes stories on that list. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of my personal heroes - the man was a genius in any number fields, beyond even his writing - and he created two marvelous character. Holmes himself is a misanthropic genius, whose methods were far and away beyond the truth of the system at the time, and Watson is his perfectly devoted, but also quite intelligent, foil. They play off of one another beautifully. Oh, and Joseph Campbell's Hero With a Thousand Faces, as a brilliant exploration of myth and the importance of the Hero's Journey to the human soul. As for plays, I am still quite in love with Hamlet, for the eloquence and the wonderful story, and with The Seagull for similar reasons.

b. Non-VC Movie(s): Another difficult question to answer, as I am a hopeless cinema enthusiast. I quite like the movie Tombstone (I've always had a liking for Westerns, and Doc Holliday has long had a place as one of my favourite strange historical figures). The Village has also recently captured my imagination. It is, for one thing, a gorgeous movie, aesthetically speaking. The cinematography and use of colour as emphasis is amazing, but also it's just such an interest idea and manages to be, by turns, sweet, tense and surprising.

c. Language: I have to admit to being quite the enthusiast for my native language - English is a remarkable language. French also appeals to me greatly, for the lovely flow of it.

d. Music: Honestly, and I hate to sound cliché, but I enjoy most music (except for rap and current pop, but I don't believe that either of those count as music anyway). I quite enjoy folk music, and have taken a recent liking to Heather Dale in particular. Classical appeals to me, especially Mozart, Copland, and Beethoven. I like Robert Johnson, enjoy classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas...) and think that the Beatles are still one of the greatest things to happen to modern music. Soundtracks, to both movies and musicals, can be quite enjoyable as well. Have I mentioned that putting my iTunes library on random would likely cause the people around me to suffer from whiplash?

e. Historical Period(s): The mid- to late- nineteenth century is exceedingly intriguing, in my opinion. So much happened in that time. On one hand, you have the boom of the industrial revolution - the increase of factory production, machines, labour unions, and so on - and a lot of the increase in arms, tensions between countries, nationalism and imperialism that would eventually lead to World War I. There was also the dichotomous culture of Victorian-era Europe. A mix of family ideals, social change - the introduction of a steady upper middle class - and also extreme poverty. Education became more readily available in many places. And, in the United States, you had a country recovering from a near crippling civil war (one in four men of the southern part of the country were dead by the war's conclusion, can you even imagine?), where the north-east was flourishing, the south-east was crumbling, and the western part of the country was a newly settled frontier of boom towns, trains, and gamblers' honour as law. Not to mention the fiction and art that came from the period. Everything from Tennyson's poetry and the paintings of the pre-Raphealites, to Wells' and Verne's strange, dark tales of science fiction... Fascinating period. I've also always been fascinated with early Celtic history, but I feel I've rambled more than enough already.

f. Myth(s): I'm currently quite enamored of the Arthurian legends - and there are quite a number to choose from! It's really a very tragic tale, from any angle.

g. Quote(s):

"And she answered: 'All your words are but to say: you are a woman, and your part is in the house. But when the men have died in battle and honour, you have leave to be burned in the house, for the men will need it no more. But I am of the House of Eorl and not a serving-woman. I can ride and wield a blade, and I do not fear either pain or death.'

'What do you fear, lady?' he asked.

'A cage,' she said. 'To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.'"
-Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Tolkien

"Ladies and gentleman of the jury, exhibit number one is what the seraphs, the misinformed, simple, noble-winged seraphs, envied. Look at this tangle of thorns"
- Lolita, Nabokov

"Cover your heads and mock not flesh and blood with solemn reverance
Cast away tradition, form, respect, and ceremonious sky,
For you have mistook me all this while.
I live with bread like you, feel want,
Taste grief, need friends.
Subjected thus, how can you say to me I am a king?"
- Richard II, Shakespeare

"You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you're finished, you'll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird... So let's look at the bird and see what it's doing -- that's what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something."
-Richard Feynman

12. How many books of the Vampire Chronicles have you read? Interview, Lestat, Queen of the Damned, Body Thief, Memnoch, Blood and Gold, Armand, Blood Canticle, Merrick

13. Which book was your favorite? Least favorite? Why? Both InInterview and Queen of the Damned have always been my two favourites. The former because it's such a wonderful introduction into Anne Rice's dark world, one that manages to be alluring and disturbing all at once. You find sympathy for characters without ever losing sight of the fact that they are not overly sympathetic. The latter manages to convey such an epic story over the course of it, tying in so many different pieces that it's always amazing. Although, Merrick recently became on of my favourites. It got me back into rereading the books. My least favourite has always been Armand. I never really enjoyed it over much.

14. Would you like to become a vampire? Why or why not? An interesting question, and one that I think plagues most of the people who read the books at one point or another. A large part of me says 'no' in that I don't fancy any form of existence that relies on the harming of people or animals. Additionally, I really like being outside during the day, especially in the summer. At the same time, it would be a lie to say that the idea never appealed to me - to be able to live forever, see society change, have the time to learn and see everything I desire, and never grow old... it's something that, on a fundamental level, makes people think. As does the certain amount of mystery and power connected to the idea, but what can I say? I can't say I would enjoy an eternity wherein all of the people I love grew old and died without me, either.

15. If you did become a vampire and could live wherever you would like, where would you live? I think I would spend a fair amount of time wandering the globe. There is so much that I would love to see and experience, and eternity to do it would give one more than ample opportunity to do so. There are certain places I know I would return to, however - Oxford and Florence both being high on that list. I would also love the chance to see France.

16. Would you mind receiving a cross-gendered stamp? Not at all. Personality is as personality does.

17. Anything else? I think I covered more than enough superfluous information in the answering of the above questions.

18. At least two pictures of yourself. (Unless you can’t or really don’t want to.)

They're slightly old, but there are pictures of me from when I was 18 in the previous application that I filled out ( http://community.livejournal.com/les_innocents_/86412.html#cutid1 ).

this is the best I have at the moment, in terms of more recent images (i'm on the right in both):



19. The links to 2 other applications that you have voted on. (ignore if no one needs any)




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Jan. 22nd, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
previous comment deleted because, when i reread this, i actually decided that you were louis.
Jul. 15th, 2010 04:02 am (UTC)
I got a very strong Gabrielle vibe from you, because of your awesome quotes, sharp tongue, search for knowledge and desire to explore.
Jul. 17th, 2010 11:07 am (UTC)
definitely Gabrielle
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