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FO f*cking SHO!

You need a f*cking pumpkin. Sad Wannabe pee wee.

Get a proper haircut....you f*cking emos. Ha. Lo
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Rules are as followed for applicants:
1) You must be 14 or older.
2) Applications must be filled out in LJ cut. VERY IMPORTANT.
3) No posting until you are stamped and approved.
4) No replying to entires until you are apporved.
5) No bitching at accepted at accepted members if you are not accepted. Keep in mind, they made the cut before you.
6) After approved vote, promote and post pictures!
7) If you are rejected apply in a week with new pictures.
8) K? Now have some f*cking fun.

* Subject line for application is to be * Kenf*cky Fried Chicken*. Copy and paste the application you can customise it if you think it rocks your boat.


1. Name/Age/Location:.

2. 10 favourite bands/artists:.

3. 10 favourtie movies:

4. 10 favourite songs:

5. 5 favourite websites:

6. What do you think of pumpkins?

7. Do you like scenes?:

8. How often do you wear sunglasses?

9. Single?:

10. Post a image of your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush:

11. What do you think of the mod?:

12. How many communities have you been:
(a) Accepted to?:
(b) Rejected at?:
(c) Or just where f*cked about at?:

13. Say something random:

14. Show us something random:

15. What do you think of most people in rating communities?:

16. Lastly post 4+ pics of yourself:

Ok, application done.

Good luck.

kitty_kirst   The Moderator:  Kirst.  Who.  Lives.  In.  A.  Box.