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The Mickey Smith Community

We liked him before it was cool!

The Mickey Community
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Meet Mickey, introduced to us in the 2005 series of Doctor Who:

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He's the (extremely) loyal boyfriend to Rose, almost-companion to the Doctor, an excellent webmaster, dreaded foe of all homicidal Christmas trees, and occasional assistant in the saving of the world.

And massively underrated, as far as fandom goes, so we've vowed to change that. XD

Community Rules

1. Respect your fellow poster
2. Put all spoilers under a cut (Series 1 no longer counts as a spoiler-but Series 2 does.)
3. Also to go beneath a cut: long reviews/essays/dicussion topics, big images, anything not work safe, and more than three icons.
4. When posting fanfiction, please include the rating
5. Couple-wise, Mickey/anyone is allowed. And Doctor/Rose can of course be a side pairing, but if the fanfic is first and foremost D/R, you might want to try time_and_chips instead.
6. General Doctor Who chat should go in new_who- this comm is for Mickey talk/fic/icons only. :)

time_and_chips- the Doctor/Rose community
rose_lives -for fans of Rose
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