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title: Rocket Man (Five times Mickey Smith thinks about kissing)
characters: Mickey Smith, Jake Simmons, alt!Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, alt!Rita-Anne Smith, Donna Noble, Martha Jones
pairings: mentions of past Ricky/Jake, definite Martha/Mickey at the end
rating: er, PG? No real warnings other than what the title tells you already.
spoilers: through "End of Time, part 2"
beta-reader: thanks to jashyr, a trusty BSG and DW expert
note: section titles taken from Elton John's song "Rocket Man"

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hey Mickey!


I was asked to write a short fic with these two userpics:

rating: PG (one-sided arm-groping)
fandoms: Doctor Who and The Princess Bride
characters: Mickey Smith, Miracle Max, Valerie
story length: under 800 words

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Fic: The Alchemy of Life

Title: The Alchemy of Life
Author: louie x
Pairing: Mickey/Jake and Mickey/OMC
Word Count: 1962
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Inspired by this fandom secret
Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me, just viciously inspired and loving every moment of it.
A/N: Banged this out in a couple hours after my betapixie sent me the secret in an email. Please enjoy!

Jack was proud, pleased, and offended when you turned him down
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Title: A Taste of The Old Country
Author: lil_1337
Fandom: Doctor Who, High School Musical
Pairing/Characters: Mickey/Jake, Chad/Ryan
Rating: G
Word count: 541
Warnings/Kinks: Set after Mickey’s return from Pete‘s world. Can be read as a follow up to Full Circle thought it does stand alone.
Summary: Belated birthday fic for elvensorceress.
Disclaimer: Mickey, Jake, Chad and Ryan all belong to other people who insist on mucking around with their relationships.
Beta: Much love to Anne

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Fic: Boiling Point, 1/1, Doctor Who

Title: Boiling Point
Author: silverkit
Summary: Jake and Mickey fight Cybermen, and try very hard not to kill one another. Mickey/Jake (friendship or slash could be either or)
Disclaimer: Doctor Who does not belong to me.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers up through season two “The Age of Steel”, Mickey/Jake
Thanks go to: sam_can_do_it and rebeccaclark my wonderful betas.

Boiling Point
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What Mickey did next

In the comments to this post, palmetto suggested that a Mickey/Jenny team-up would be win. I very much agreed, and it got me thinking what might have become of Mickey after Journey's End, and what I'd like to see in fic. It seems like the ending was set up so that Mickey could be moved onto Torchwood, but as there's been no word of this actually happening it's open-ended; did he set up his own alien-investigating agency, or work with Sarah Jane and the kids? Crash in Martha's spare room? Track down this world's version of Jake? Take advantage of that offscreen between-specials gap to go adventuring with Ten? I haven't seen much fic about it and I'd really love to; Mickey and Torchwood, Mickey and the SJA gang, Mickey as a companion again, Mickey and Jenny, or Mickey and Tish Jones as awesome The Avengers type secret agents all appeal to me, but I've hardly seen any fic. Then again, with tardis_bigbang opening for sign-ups tomorrow, maybe people are just waiting for the chance to get their Mickey epics out there.

On that note, a fic rec: the Team B series by apiphile is a fic that sees Mickey, Ianto and Captain John becoming international men of mystery as they take Torchwood worldwide. It makes me incoherent with glee. Anyone else got recs, or thoughts on Mickey's post-JE future?