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Long distance love.

ldlove__ is a community for those who are considering, recovering or in an actual long distance relationship. We encourage each and every one of you to share your problems, stories, joys, memories and pictures with everyone. We hope that you find some comfort in this community because we believe that even if there is the distance, the love is there and that long distance relationships can succeed if communication, trust and respect are present. Be sure to promote!

Before you join, we'd like to know a little about yourself.

In your first ever post, we'd like to know:
- your name
- your location
- your age
- name of your partner
- location of your partner
- age of partner
- days/weeks/months/years/etc together.

- optional: if possible, behind an lj-cut, a picture of you two

note: for your privacy, friends only entries are permitted.

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