Looking for a Fred and George Layout

Hi everyone!

I'm hoping to get some help and find a Fred and George layout, I don't know where else to look and I am not smart enough to make one on my own. I was hoping if someone can make one for  me, could you please use pics from the half blood prince and goblet of fire? I want to change the background but not sure how to do that and I am not good at coding or anything like that.

Any help will be great or if you can point me in the right direction would be great too.

Thank You!

(no subject)

Hey everybody! I'm looking for a new layout that's similar to the one I've got now. I want the same setup but new colors and shtuff. No header needed, just the CSS. Anyone interested?


i really ADORE this layout! i was just wondering if i can have the codes for this layout?? 100% credit will be given on my livejournal! If Not, something similar would be great! thnxxx.<33 

Layout Request

just need something fixed

Hello everyone I have a pretty simple request I think.
I just need my layout fixed. If you go to my journal you'll see that all the text is in a tiny box and I hate it. I want my friends page and journal to take up the entire internet screen if you know what I mean.

If anyone can fix this, please let me know! i dont even care if it looks good I just use LJ to read communites.

Thank you so much!