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MOVED TO onetouchofmink [entries|friends|calendar]
:.La Vie Boheme Icons.:

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08 19 06 - 06:07P]

I will probably be deleting this community in the near future and taking some of my older icons to my new community. Just reminding everyone that if you are still interested in my icons please join at onetouchofmink


Announcement/Moving [Wednesday
07 19 06 - 08:06P]

This icon community is being moved to: 
Where I will be posting on my new username:
I'd be eternally grateful if you all joined up, there should be an icon post there soon.


Hello hello [Tuesday
07 18 06 - 06:22P]
Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates around here but I went on a trip and when I got home my computer crashed, so I haven't had any computer access in quite some time. I have to reinstall everything on my computer, but I will be working on some icons probably by tomorrow. I'm taking suggestions of people/things. There is no guarantee that these will be made but I will take them all into consideration.
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67 icons [Wednesday
07 05 06 - 03:32P]
[ mood | excited ]

[15]The Producers
[07]Rosario Dawson (I'm not really a fan of hers, but I liked these pictures)
[15]Sex And The City
[07]Sarah Jessica Parker
[09]The Wild Party (Lippa)

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Graphics dump: Icons, Friends Only, Headers [Sunday
07 02 06 - 12:39P]
[ mood | busy ]

I have a pretty nice sized post for you guys, I'm sorry about there not being many updates lately. I won my first award!! I won 2nd place at retro_challenge for a Barbara Stanwyck icon. The banner will be going up in the userinfo if you want to check it out. I've been trying out some new styles and experimenting with patterns/textures. I hope you guys will like these :)
[18]Avenue Q (1 Friends Only)
[10]Bebe Neuwirth
[20]Idina Menzel
[05]Julia Murney
[08]Kristin Chenoweth
[08]Patti LuPone/Evita 
[30]Wicked (1 Friends Only, 3 Headers)
*Alex your requested header is here as well*

Pimping:good_bway_icons, bway_awards, and retro_challenge Check them all out!

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28 icons, 1 header [Wednesday
06 21 06 - 05:48P]
[ mood | hot ]

Just a quick graphics post. These aren't so great, but I do like the header I made.
[10]The Drowsy Chaperone (1 Header)
[10]Joan Crawford
[08]Marlene Dietrich

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49 icons, 1 friends only, songs [Monday
06 19 06 - 02:13P]
[ mood | okay ]

[05]Megan Mullally
[09]The Light In The Piazza
[05]Sebastian Arcelus
[30]Will & Grace

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45 icons, 1 friends only banner [Friday
06 16 06 - 02:55P]
[ mood | curious ]

I'm not sure how well you will like these, but here goes nothing....
[25]Stock (random, puppies & kittens)
[20]Fashion (a few Kiera Knightly)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting  

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Music post [Tuesday
06 13 06 - 03:04P]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey everybody! No icons today I'm afriad, but I uploaded a folder of songs for a friend, and I thought I thought you guys might be interested. Heres the song list.
Thoroughly Modern Millie- Sutton Foser (from Thoroughly Modern Millie)
I'm The Greatest Star- Sutton Foster (from the Funny Girl Benefit)
People- Julia Murney (from the Funny Girl Benefit)
Cant Take My Eyes Off You- Jersey Boys (I know, I feel like I'm being unfaithful to Drowsy, but its a good song)
Big Time- Linda Eder
I Am What I Am- Linda Eder
Always True To You In My  Fashion- Kiss Me Kate Revival
Take Me Or Leave Me- Rent Movie (Idina Menzel & Tracie Thoms)
On My Own- Sutton Foster (from Les Mis)

I hope you guys enjoy those. Also, I'm going out of town to Chicago for two days (seeing Wicked for the 2nd time! woot) and so if any of you guys request something while I'm away, I'll get to it as soon as I come back. I should be home late on the 15th. Don't miss me too much. ;] And if anyone has any ideas for what I should icon let me know. 

Coming soon: Will & Grace, Idina Menzel, Grease, Cabaret, The Sound of Music, Joan Crawford, Funny Girl (depending on if the caps get re-uploaded), and more. What do you guys think?

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Icons [Monday
06 12 06 - 02:22P]
[ mood | lazy ]

Just a quick post of a few I've been working on. 
[04]Patti LuPone
[10] Rita Hayworth
[06] Stock (London & Puppies)
[08] Text icons from the Tonys

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Rent Graphics. [Friday
06 09 06 - 02:15P]
[ mood | silly ]

Today we have lots of Rent graphics; icons, headers, banners, etc. Pictures are from the film and the OBC production. There are 3 icons from a photoshoot with Rosario Dawson & Taye Diggs, and 10 text icons. 

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42 icons [Wednesday
06 07 06 - 04:20P]
[ mood | bored ]

Instead of studying for finals I made icons.....
[04]Little Women
[06]Thoroughly Modern Millie
[09]Patti LuPone
[03]The Wild Party

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icons, friends onlys, songs [Tuesday
06 06 06 - 12:11P]
[ mood | okay ]

[23]Chicago The Movie (1 friends only) 
[07]Myrna Loy
[20]Rent The Movie (3 friends onlys)

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Modliness [Monday
06 05 06 - 08:20P]
[ mood | blah ]

Hello everyone! I'm planning on making some Myrna Loy icons, but I'm afriad I don't have many pics of her. I know there are a lot of Myrna fans in this community, and if any of you would like a certain picture of her iconed, please link me to it. Any Myrna pics you have I will happily icon. All I ask is you give me the links in a comment, not the actual pics :] Thanks muchly. 

An update probably tomorrow. How do you guys feel about some Chicago (the film), Carole Lombard, Gone With The Wind, Rent, Titanic, Myrna, and perhaps some Joan Crawford? Yay or nay?

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65 icons, 2 friends only banners [Sunday
06 04 06 - 10:09A]
[ mood | happy ]

[06]Bette Davis (along with 2 fo banners)
[07]Doris Day
[27]Random Stock
[06]To Catch A Thief
[18]Andy Warhol art

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Icons, Friends Onlys, Songs [Thursday
06 01 06 - 07:06P]
[ mood | blah ]

[10]Chita Rivera (The Dancers Life)
[05]Julia Murney
[15]Marilyn Monroe
[02]Sutton Foster

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Lots of goddies; 60 icons, 1 friends only, 2 songs [Sunday
05 28 06 - 11:18A]
[ mood | bouncy ]

New affiliate: charming_notion!
[04]Ava Gardner
[04]The Ditty Bops
[06]The Drowsy Chaperone
[04]Judy Garland
[05]Lana Turner
[03]Norma Shearer
[03]Paulette Goddard

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lets go down to the ozdust ballroom, we'll meet there later tonight.... [Thursday
05 25 06 - 08:17P]
[ mood | bored ]

Hello everyone! I'm kind of out of ideas of what to make icons of. Any ideas? Let me know. It can be anything; films, people, things, just tell me. :] Theres no garuntee that everything suggested will be made though.

I'll probably be making some more stock icons soon, those are fun.  Peace

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37 Icons [Monday
05 22 06 - 03:37P]
[ mood | aggravated ]

[05]Audrey Hepburn 
[16]Wicked/The Elphabas of Wicked
[15]New York City Stock 
[01]Patti LuPone

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05 22 06 - 11:44A]
[ mood | bored ]

Hello everyone! I just entered a batch of icons over at pickmybest which is an icontest where you post what you think are your best icons, and then people vote on what they think are your best! I'd be very thankful if you guys would vote for me :] My entry there is HERE. Read all the rules before voting. 

Icons later! 


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